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People who have never gone down the startup route might wonder whether they are fit for or capable of becoming an entrepreneur. In this post, Heislyc Loh shares what he has discovered about entrepreneurship. 

Heislyc Loh is the Founder of StartupMamak, and Founder & CEO of Corate. He is also the Co-Director of the Kuala Lumpur Founder Institute. 

The article, “Nobody told me about Entrepreneurship until today”, originally appeared on Heislyc's Facebook and has been republished below with permission.


"Entrepreneurship is an attitude.

Let me ask you: "Can entrepreneurship be taught?"

I don't think so.

After graduating 33 founders from Founder Institute in past 3 years, in my reflection, I have learned that it cannot be taught;

But it can be guided, because,

I can't teach you how to be passionate in solving problems,

I can't teach you how to be resourceful,

I can't teach you how not to give up and keep trying,

and no one can teach you to be hungry for making things happen.

Everything that you were advised about entrepreneurship or building a startup is a lesson learned or notes written by someone else in the past that were proven right or wrong.

Entrepreneurship can only be guided, and it can't be taught because you are the master of your own destiny.

You write your own pages. You either self-limit or second and third your thoughts, or you just do it.

You should create your own future instead of wearing the predicting hat because the last time I checked,

Entrepreneurship is an attitude.

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