At the 16th Founder Showcase, audiences were treated to a special Q&A session between Chamath Palihapitiya, Founder and Managing Partner of The Social+Capital Partnership, and owner of the NBA's Golden State Warriors; and Jessica E. Lessin, Founder & Editor in Chief at The Information.

In the discussion, Chamath describes industry trends as a pendulum, swinging between two extremes, and applies the metaphor to everything from investing to sports. According to Chamath, the next big, game changing companies will be the ones that straddle the wave and combine the best of both sides of the pendulum (rather than companies that simply optimize towards future or past trends). On the topic of content curation, Chamath posits that:

Where the multi-billion dollar outcomes are created is right in the center, which is a relatively good mix of algorithmic and real time that largely favors a light curation model but a lot of it.

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