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"It takes a village to raise a child.” A common adage that also applies to building a startup. Your success as an entrepreneur greatly depends on your environment. Businesses flourish rapidly when they are fostered by communities with an abundance of mentorship and resources.

Are you a successful entrepreneur that wants to help build your local startup community?

During our upcoming webinar, “How to Become a Leader in Your Startup Community,” we will outline the different resources needed to bolster your local ecosystem, and provide tips on how you can help startups and become a better startup mentor and advisor. 

This webinar will take place on Thursday, August 27th at 8:00am PT (see local time here). RSVP to the Free Webinar Today!

This event will feature David Cohen (Founder and Managing Partner of Techstars), Sergio Escobar (Managing Director of The Founder Institute Montreal), and Adeo Ressi (Founder & CEO of the Founder Institute, 9X entrepreneur, and Managing Director of Expansive Ventures).

We’ll Discuss:

  • The importance of mentorship in the startup landscape. 
  • How you can best help startups in your community. 
  • The types of programs and tools making a difference in communities across the globe. 
  • The steps you should take to become a leader in your startup community.

RSVP to the Webinar Today!


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