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Venture capitalists see hundreds or thousands of deals per year, placing them in the center of startup ecosystems worldwide. For a variety of reasons, venture capital is a notoriously difficult industry to break into. There are normally three ways to get a position in this field.

One way to break into venture capital is to have a strong relationship with someone already in the industry. Another way is to have something meaningful in common with a leader at a venture capital firm. The final way is to build an impeccable reputation as an investor or as an operator.

The Founder Institute is hiring multiple roles in venture capital that develop investor and operator experience. New team members will help to launch venture capital firms all around the world as part of the growing VC Lab program (https://FI.co/vc).

The VC Lab program has a mission to launch 1,000 new venture capital funds by 2025, so there are opportunities to join portfolio funds, as well.

The Founder Institute is offering entry-level, mid-level and senior positions in Silicon Valley starting immediately, including:

  1. Head of Engineering - Build the future of venture capital.
  2. Head of Investor Relations - Support new and emerging venture funds.
  3. Head of Business Development - Create partnerships that push the venture industry forward.
  4. Fund Accounting Associate - Provide accounting support to portfolio funds.
  5. Fund Operations Associate - Provide account management to portfolio funds.
  6. Fund Legal Associate - Provide legal support during and after fund formation.

You can apply for these and other positions at https://FI.co/jobs, and you will need a custom cover letter to demonstrate your interest in the field.


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VC Lab is a 14 week intensive program to help New Managers start accelerators, pre-seed, seed or Series A venture capital firms globally. 

VC Lab is a VC Accelerator program run by the Founder Institute, the world's largest pre-seed startup accelerator. The Founder Institute has over 5,000 portfolio companies worth an estimated $30B in value. 

Learn more about the Founder Institute at FI.co or VC Lab at FI.co/vc.

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