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Unito is an elegant tool that automatically synchronizes work across all of the major task management platforms, allowing cross-collaborative teams to create new workflows by connecting together previously siloed tools, including Github, Asana, Basecamp, Trello, Wrike, Jira and more. 

Founded in 2015, Unito is an FI Montreal portfolio companyand since graduating from FI, Founder & CEO Marc Boscher has continued to be an ongoing mentor and supporter of the Founder Institute community, including having recently sponsored special Unito fellowships to support his fellow Montreal founders in the local startup ecosystem.

Today, we're happy to report that Unito is growing fast! At the time of this publishing, the company is expanding their team rapidly, and hiring for more than 10+ open positions here.

The company culture is truly great, and is well-reflected in the stellar perks Unito provides standard to all their employees, including $1k annual Wellness Budgets, 4 weeks paid vacation for all, subsidized gym memberships, and flexible work hours, to name just a few. Below is a list of the current position openings (*but again only as of the time of this publishing - so if interested, check back to their careers page, because are hiring quickly and sure to be updating openings fairly often)!

  1. Talent Acquisition Specialist

  2. Head of Business Operations

  3. Head of Engineering

  4. Cyber Security Specialist

  5. Backend Developer

  6. Performance Media Manager

  7. Marketing Copywriter

  8. Product Marketing Manager

  9. Director of Customer Success

  10. Director of Sales

  11. Account Manager

If you’re looking to build something you'll be proud of, then you'll fit right in! We believe in distributing responsibility and full transparency: we have no hierarchy, yet we’re highly organized. We’re a diverse team of humble and hungry individuals, who prefer to focus more on the quality of our work, and less on things like policies or rules. We value flexibility and autonomy and encourage our team to make independent decisions. Everyone’s voice is valued here at Unito.

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