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Two graduates of the Founder Institute Summer 2009 Bay Area semester have launched within three days of each other with articles in TechCrunch. The Summer 2009 Graduates are starting to gain traction with their ideas, which range from consumer electronics to video games.

The first graduate, Got Clues, is an educational entertainment company. Got Clues announced the launch of iRewardChart, an interactive iPhone application to help parents track and reward children activities, such as cleaning their room. You can read more below:

RewardChart Gets Your Kids To Shoot For The Stars… And Behave

The next graduate,, is an interactive video game company that looks to unite inspiring visual art with interactivity. Their first release, Entranced, has just just come out on the iPhone and is planned for the Wii, web, and PC/Mac, among other platforms. Entranced is a music game that focuses on the world and electronica genres with some novel game play. You can read more and watch a game play video below:

Founder Institute’s Monstrous Gets $400K To Make You Entranced

As you can see in the comments to the articles, the entire pool of Founders from the first semester actively support their peers, which is encouraging. Congratulations!


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