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Promising Toronto startup BizXPro has been accepted into the illustrious MergeLane accelerator based in Boulder, Colorado. MergeLane works to support promising startup companies that were founded by at least one woman. BizXPro was founded by Thyagi DeLanerolle, a Graduate of the Toronto Founder Institute

What is BizXPro and why does it have so many people excited? BizXPro is a website that businesses can use to easily find IT professionals that can execute the jobs they need done at the budget they are operating on. The users are in control of who calls them back after the initial matching process, and there is full transparency all along the way so users know exactly what is going on. In most cases people need to search for hours across the Internet to find an IT provider that can address their needs, and even once they find someone who can do the job oftentimes the budget versus the cost from the IT provider don't match. BizXPro aims to not only make the process of finding quality IT professionals faster but also easier. 

Right now there is an industry gap and BizXPro is moving quickly to fill it. 

"Our goal is to dramatically increase our company’s growth trajectory with the help of Mergelane’s program. It is timely as BizXPro plans to launch in major cities across the United States, as well as expand its supply of credible providers beyond IT services to web, software, and mobile development. The program will prove to be an invaluable building block for BizXPro to help in getting the word out to the business community," says founder Thyagi DeLanerolle, who has years of IT experience in sales. 

There are a lot of small businesses out there that want and need IT services but they struggle in finding a quality provider that can meet their budget requirements, and at the same time there are a number of IT companies that really struggle trying to find more small business customers. BizXPro does just that. Their service is extremely valuable seeing as almost every single business needs IT services and right now there is no other service that provides the same offerings as BizXPro. 

The site was launched in May of 2016. They initially focused their efforts on organizations that were small or mid-sized employing roughly 25 to 500 employees. In the first two months of launching they were able to test their service on over 200 users. They used the data they received to optimize their algorithms, and make the overall user experience more intuitive and efficient. The service has gotten rave reviews from small businesses and IT companies alike. 

Besides the wonderful opportunity that the Colorado MergeLane accelerator provides the company, BizXPro has also received support from BizSpark, which is Microsoft's global startup support program. BizSpark provides startups that show some real promise service, support, marketing experts, and Microsoft Azure cloud services in order to help the selected companies launch successfully . 

The sky is the limit for BizXPro. They have done an incredible job so far and have garnered a lot of interest all over the country, but they are not done yet. BizXPro has big plans for expanding their service offerings from not only IT, but web, mobile, marketing and advertising, and other professional services. Being able to connect the right companies with the right clients is a very valuable service and can be extended to pretty much any industry or market. 

With the help of the MergeLane accelerator and Microsoft you can expect the growth of BizXPro to occur rapidly. BizXPro combines industry experience with a good product. Be on the lookout for this company, and if you are looking for a quality IT professional check out this wonderful service!

Click here for more information on BizXPro.

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