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The Venture Capital asset class is experiencing a new wave of NextGen Investors entering and building ethically motivated Venture Firms. 2022 will see an acceleration in the movement of NextGen VCs and-Micro funds. Here are the Top 5 Articles for New Venture Capitalists.

Fiduciary Duties of Venture Capitalists

All fund managers have fiduciary duties to take note of and fulfill. This is because fund managers are deemed 'investment advisers' and must adhere to SEC regulations under the "Advisers Act," referred to as the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. 

Read this article to brush up on your fiduciary duties and learn your responsibilities such as your 'Duties of Care' and 'Duties of Loyalty.' 

How to Build a Venture Team

Launching a new Venture Firm is a demanding, albeit challenging, task. One thing new fund managers must get right is forming their core team. Venture Capital teams are typically small and tight-knit. Each individual represents the firm and must take on the role of investor, negotiator, diplomat, or any combination thereof, as a situation might dictate.

Read this article to understand the top 3 things you should optimize for when forming a team.

The Best LPs for New VC Firms

To run an efficient fundraising campaign, you must first be adequately familiar with the limited partner landscape. There are different types of limited partners and not all of them invest in new fund managers. Typically, Family Offices and HNWI are the most likely to back fund managers, so focusing your efforts there can bear the most fruit. 

Read this article to understand the investment objectives of some of these limited partners and gain a better acumen of the LP landscape.

How to Pitch Limited Partners

Not much could have prepared any of us for the consequences of the pandemic. Venture capital fund managers have had to adapt their approach much like everyone else in recent times. Zoom and other communication software have become the norm when pitching, and gradually, we are adapting to the hybrid model. This is no different when pitching Limited Partners. In fact, those who mastered the hybrid model have been able to increase the volume of contact they have with potential limited partners.

Read this article to learn the insider tricks to fundraising and get to a quicker first close. 

Venture Capital Fund Mechanics

Those seeking to become fund managers and limited partners in a venture capital fund should understand the basic mechanics of venture capital. This article gives a comprehensive breakdown of the fundamental mechanics of venture capital funds. 

Read this article to learn about fund structures, capital commitments, fees, carry, returns, and much more.

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