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The Founder Institute, the world's premier idea-stage accelerator and startup launch program, has launched companies that have created thousands of jobs across our chapters in South America. Since its launch in 2009, FI has contributed greatly to the local startup ecosystem while providing mentorship from some of the top entrepreneurs in the technology industry.

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While all of the Founder Institute graduates from South America are exceptional, there are a few who stand out. The graduates featured below have all achieved significant milestones in the past year, building meaningful and enduring technology companies aimed at improving the lives of people all over the world., and Founder Juan Camilo Ayala (Bogotá Founder Institute) is a financial product comparison site, focusing on insurance. The company has received an Innpulsa grant and multiple angel investments, and is growing quickly.

Bankity, and Founder Diego Alejandro Guzman Guevara (Medellín Founder Institute)

Bankity is a consumer financial budgeting app with more than 30,000 downloads. They also won a notable startup pitch competition, and closed a successful seed round.

Bem Casado, and Founder Thales Coutinho (São Paulo Founder Institute)

Bem Casado is a wedding app that helps people manage and distribute wedding photos along with displaying the photographs in real-time. The company just Graduated recently but is making quick progress. 

Betalus, and Founder William Borba (Curitiba Founder Institute)

Betalus is the creator of Hey Linda, a hair and beauty app designed to match customers' needs with ideal products. The company just Graduated recently but is making quick progress., and Founder Erick Brimen (Bogotá Founder Institute) helps Latin American consumers easily find and apply for the financial products that match their needs. The company is growing quickly and has raised multiple rounds of funding - including 800,000 from a European VC firm. 

Girltank, and Founder Tara Roberts (Santiago Founder Institute)

Girltank is a crowdsourcing platform to build a network of high-impact young women social entrepreneurs and bring their ventures to scale. The company runs programs all over the world and is having a signficant impact on creating gender balance in entrepreneurship. 

GoPlaceIt.COM, and Founder Daniel Ibarra (Santiago Founder Institute)

GoPlaceIt is a platform helping people in Latin America find real estate properties quickly and easily. They have raised $1,230,000 in funding since Graduation, and are growing at an impressive rate. 

Hppy, and Founder Vlad Bodi (Santiago Founder Institute)

Hppy helps companies track and manage employee happiness and increase employee engagement. The company has created a thriving community and is helping organizations across several different countires build a better workplace culture.

I-go, and Founder Hernán Benavente (Santiago Founder Institute)

I-go develops technology for tracking procedures in the operations monitoring field to improve efficiency and safety of workers and assets. The company successfully raised angel funding and continues to grow.

InterConnecta, and Founders Alin Suarez & Luis Gonzalez (Santiago Founder Institute)

InterConnecta is a platform that provides IT organizations with a way to calculate costs, contract freelance sales professionals, and manage business development campaigns in real time. The company has bootstrapped its way to profitability. 

Mashpedia, and Founder Juan Sosa (Medellín Founder Institute)

Mashpedia is a video encyclopedia that combines the power of YouTube and Wikipedia. The global video aggregator site has over 1 million users, and is growing at a steady rate.

LaBonoTeca, and Founder Tomas Posada (Medellín Founder Institute)

LaBonoteca is a mobile app for promoting discounts and coupons from local merchants. The company received an Innpulsa grant in 2013, and is working with many large companies. 

Mass Labs, and Founder Marco Aurélio De Souza Filho (São Paulo Founder Institute)

Mass Labs is an analysis service for passenger transportation companies, aiming to optimize transit. The company just Graduated recently, but is has already raised an angel round and is generating revenue. 

ONtv, and Founders Cristina Villarroel & Diego Maturana (Santiago Founder Institute)

ONtv mplements advertising fixtures in 1 hour regardless of the number of branches or distance, through innovative LCD screens. The company has several large clients and continues to grow.

PeaceLabs, and Founders Paloma Lecheta (Curitiba Founder Institute) 

PeaceLabs is a platform where entrepreneurs, volunteers and impact investors come together to co-create social projects. They have already launched six major projects and have changed the lives of over 1,400 people.

Reabra, and Founder Felipe Trevisan (São Paulo Founder Institute)

Reabra aims to disrupt the telecommunications market by ensuring freedom of choice for users and building networks of neutral optical fibers. They have already raised funding and are gearing up for their launch. 

SHRIM agência de brindes, and Founder Alexander Chrystello (Sao Paulo Founder Institute)

SHRIM agência de brindes is a leading provider of customizable and personalized products for SMBs in Brazil. The company is already booking nearly six figures in revenue each month, and also recently graduated from the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program.

SiembraViva, and Founder Diego Benitez (Medellín Founder Institute)

SiembraViva offers a direct channel between local organic farmers and consumers, helping to improve the health of both consumers and the agriculture industry. They were a finalist of The Venture's Global Initative, and have secured investment from global VC firms.

Tink, and Founder Alexander Theis (Santiago Founder Institute)

Tink is a new sales solutions channel which encourages customers to share and refer the products that they use and rewards them for doing so. They qualified for Seedstars final in Santiago, won a 25K equity free fintech award by Banco BCI in Chile, and are competing in the final for Publicis 90 global startups competition.

Voyhoy, and Founder Brien Shanahan (Santiago Founder Institute) is a bus, flight, and train ticket booking engine that is growing quickly across Latin America and Europe. They were the first Chilean-born company to be accepted to Techstars, and have already raised over $450,000 in funding.

WomyAds, and Founders Carolina Cruz Hoyos & Ricardo Gonzalez Vargas (Bogota Founder Institute)

Androcial is the creator of WomyAds, a marketing platform that offers big brands access to a global network of online influencers. They received a grant from Innpulsa, and recently crossed 57 million users. 

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