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The Mensarius Oath is an ethical code of conduct for venture capitalists and other finance professionals that is designed to foster positive outcomes for humanity. ‘Mensarius’ is a Latin noun that refers to a banker or financier, and the tenets of the Mensarius Oath were based on the Hippocratic Oath used in the medical profession.

The full Mensarius Oath is below. If you support the oath or have comments, please send a Tweet with the hashtag, #MensariusOath.

The Mensarius Oath v2

As a financial professional investing with personal or investor capital, I pledge to uphold these values. If determined by myself or a panel of my peers that I have violated these values without reconciliation agreed between all involved parties, then I will voluntarily leave the industry.

Integrity: I vow to invest with integrity, ensuring my actions benefit humanity and consciously avoid harm to any parties.

Excellence: I commit to maintaining the highest professional standards, setting an exemplary ethical benchmark in finance.

Fairness: I endeavor to be fair in my dealings, standing against abuse of power, unfair advantage, seduction, corruption, or mistreatment.

Equality: I pledge to promote inclusivity and equitable treatment in all financial endeavors, consciously working to reduce inequality.

Respect: I promise to treat individuals and opportunities with the respect and the attention deserved in business interactions.

Transparency: I affirm to be transparent and honest in dealings with investors, founders, and colleagues.

Confidentiality: I swear to safeguard private, confidential, or personal information, keeping it safe from public or other unwanted disclosure.

Growth: I am resolved to embrace feedback from clients and peers, committing to ongoing personal and professional growth.


The Mensarius Oath was originally developed by the Founder Institute in March of 2020 to inspire a new class of ethical investors that focus on both societal and economic returns. The Oath is used as part of admissions to the venture capital accelerator, VC Lab

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