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As part of VC Lab's exclusive series of online events for emerging fund managers and technology entrepreneurs around the world, we were pleased to welcome Court Lorenzini, co-founder and former CEO of DocuSign and an LP in 15 VC funds.

On his background

“I had several successes, one giant one, and one absolute flame out”

I'm an engineer, who went on to start, five different tech companies, and DocuSign was one of them. My background is mostly B2B enterprise software and that's where I've certainly made most of my mark. I have spent most of my career trying to figure out how to optimize building companies. Now in my post-company-building career, I'm doing the same thing, trying to figure out how to optimize investing. 

So my involvement with VC Lab and Adeo was right from the jump. I'm currently an LP in 15 funds across the world, and probably 60 or 70 companies individually as an individual investor, advisor, board member.

On Becoming a Limited Partner

“I believe that if you are successful, you need to turn around and reinvest in the next phases”

Everyone's motivation is slightly different. Some people talk about things like asset allocation, which is very numerically driven, but my goal is much more causal.  As an entrepreneur and founder, I have had multiple ventures and one of my core values is giving back to the community at large. In this case, it started as a way for me to give back to the community of Seattle specifically, and to the venture community that supported me on my journey. 

And so, both as an investor in funds and an investor in companies, a huge motivation for me is trying to, grow the ecosystem for everyone. Specifically, my attachment to VC Lab is to help grow the VC capacity across the world, which is me is a very important topic.

On Choosing Companies 

“I think it's important to recognize that good startups, investors, and opportunities are created everywhere and they all need support”

My current dominant focus from an investor's perspective is looking for funds and companies that are creating a better society for the future. Whether that's climate, personnel, efficiencies, market options, that are at some level, going to make society a better place, a thousand years from now if they're successful. Of course, those businesses also have to make economic sense and provide value to the market.

That's a prime filter for me honestly, and I think that helps me stay focused because I think there are so many great opportunities out there on a global basis. So I'm not specifically focused on US investments, I've got investments with funds and companies all over the world.

Read more about Court’s insights into Venture Capital below:

About the Guest: Court Lorenzini
Court Lorenzini is a founder of multiple successful technology startups, including DocuSign. Court Lorenzini started off his career in Seattle, Washington as an engineer and went on to found and exit many startups in his entrepreneurial career. He is an experienced board member in companies such as Trade Ledger, Imperative, DroneSeed, Ghostruck, and many more. He is also an experienced limited partner in 15 funds around the world. Court has directly invested in companies and has a portfolio of over 60 startups outside of his fund exposures.

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