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Recently, we welcomed Wrike founder Andrew Filev, as a panelist for our webinar "How To Build Effective Virtual Teams For Startups.” Andrew has had more than ten years of experience as a software entrepreneur, helping small businesses manage their virtual teams. He says that there are two classes of systems needed to scale efforts; video and screen sharing, and collaborative work management.

Andrew believes that at minimum, your virtual team should utilize screen-sharing and voice. “Video is very important for conducting interviews remotely. For day-to-day work we use voice and screen-sharing actively.”

He adds, “You need a system where you can plan the work together.” According to Andrew, visibility is very important, so that you can see what people are working on, what’s done, what’s not done, and where you can collaborate or loop someone into a project. “The whole market is called collaborative work management,” said Andrew.  

Below is a list of the best tools used for managing virtual teams for video, share-screening, voice, and collaboration.

1. (Share-screening)

This easy-to-use tool allows users to invite people to share screen meetings using generated links.

2. GoToMeeting (Video & Share-screening)

This conferencing service is great for virtual meetings. It’s features include video, sharescreening, call-in options, and session recordings.

3. Skype (Video)

Primarily used as a video tool, Skype also offers text and voice options.

4. Slack (Chat)

Founded only two years ago, Slack has become a notable communication application for both virtual and in-house teams. This service provides real-time messaging with chat room, group, and one-on-one options. 

5. Doodle (Collaboration)

This tool takes the pain out of scheduling meetings. It allows users to email and poll coworkers on the best times to meet.

6. Trello (Project Management)

Besides having a fun and unique interface, Trello makes it easy to collaborate on complicated and multidimensional projects.

7. Asana (Project Management)

This web and mobile application helps teams improve communication, organization and collaboration.

8. Wrike (Project Management)

Wrike is a project management tool that greatly improves collaboration, productivity, and communication.

9. Google Docs (Project Management)

By default, everyone who owns a Gmail account also owns a Google Drive, where you can create and share spreadsheets, documents, multimedia, and powerpoints.

10. OneDrive (Project Management)

Microsoft Onedrive is also an online file storage that allows users to store and share photos, videos, and documents.

11. Basecamp (Project Management)

Founded in 1999, Basecamp is an advanced project management tool in which you can manage multiple projects.

Andrew believes that Trello, Asana, and Wrike are good for startups, depending on how much capability you want. He also thinks that Trello is the simplest. 

Webinar host Adeo Ressi, the Founder and CEO of Founder Institute, believes that any kind of file store is crucial for virtual teams. He prefers Google Drive over Onedrive, because Google allows people to edit documents simultaneously.

What’s most important is that you pick one platform and stick with it. Adeo explains why, “Particularly with shared storage, you can’t have two systems. Try to standardize early on. Sometimes people use Skype, sometimes people use Slack, and it turns into a bit of a mess. At a minimum, you should all agree on one.”

Andrew adds, “Your business won’t succeed or fail because of the management program you choose. Pick any of those tools, as long as you use it, it'll work.”

 Want more? Listen to the full webinar by clicking here.

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