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Building apps has become a necessary part of corporate culture, but finding the right talent to build them sometimes becomes a problem with many companies. It's not just in building apps. An overall dearth of IT talent is making it difficult for companies to innovate and digitize their expertise.

This is a problem a company called Checkbox addresses as their prime mission. Open only a year, Checkbox has already amassed considerable praise for its platform, leading them to win numerous prizes and financing.

Recently, they took the top prize at the Next Money FinTech Finals in Hong Kong. Named "Best in Show", take some time to learn why Checkbox continues making a name for itself in enabling the digital transformation of regulation and compliance processes.

What Winning the Next Money FinTech Final Means

Based in Australia, Checkbox is a graduate of the Sydney Founder Institute. We're more than proud to see the deserved accolades this company is getting. Founded by James Han, Evan Wong (CEO), and Paul Wenck, they're basically reinventing the way financial services and digital transformation work. They're also helping bring automation to a new evolved plateau.

Offering digital solutions without having to write code allows big companies to spend time doing other things without worry about staying compliant. This exciting process Checkbox brings is just one reason behind their win at the Next Money FinTech Finals.

They've received $10,000 in prize money as a result. Plus, they have an invitation to work with a team of Visa subject matter experts to create solutions for business challenges and future commerce. 

So what's the background on CEO Evan Wong? He's become a superstar on his own thanks to his accomplishments at such a young age.

Evan Wong's Business Resume

It's hard to believe that Evan already has two businesses behind him at the age of only 24. This shows the hard-working nature of his business acumen.

He describes himself as an energetic leader who's passionate about entrepreneurship, tech, and education. This background alone helped shape his vision for Checkbox. This included doing similar work for Hapkido College of Australia Demonstration Team, and founding a business called Hero Education.

Despite all the praise he's receiving for Checkbox, he stays humble. As he notes from a recent interview with StartupSmart:

You see businesses who win a bunch of awards, but they were all three years ago, and you wonder what's happened since then. We're not going to be that business. I'm confident about our products and meeting everyone's expectations as we move into 2018.

How Checkbox Works

What makes Checkbox so popular is how the platform describes their platform in three easy steps. While what they do is very complex (as it is dealing with business regulations), they break their features down to analytics, accelerated app development, and customer journeys.

Using a drag and drop canvas, the Checkbox Studio section highlights the three features above. Plus, it gives you a simplified rules engine, access control, easy integrations, valuable data analytics, and dependable security.

They even provide a case studies page to show you what kind of applications the platform can build without a client even having to know coding.

Other Awards, and the Future of Checkbox

It's easy to lose count of the awards and funding Checkbox keeps receiving. They've represented Australia on the world stage at Startup World Cup in 2018. Also, they were named regtech of the year at the 2017 Australian FinTech Awards, in addition to winning the 2017 Westpac Innovation Challenge.

Since last fall, they've onboarded more than 30 local and international enterprise customers to their platform, proving how fast they're growing. They even have Lexis Nexis as a client, not including Australia's Big 4 accounting firms, six major law firms, and four big banks.

Despite Evan admitting their biggest challenge is keeping up with their fast-growing sales pipeline (and hiring the right talent), they're about to reach the stars this year alone.

Click here for more information on Checkbox.

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