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The Founder Institute’s Predictive Admissions Test has been featured in the The New York TimesCNN, and Forbes because of it’s ground-breaking ability to identify people with “entrepreneurial personality traits.” In fact, the test was created over a fifteen year period with leading social scientists, and it has been calibrated using real world data from the Founder Institute's 175K + applicants.

Until recently, this test was only available to applicants to the Founder Institute accelerator, and the results are kept private. 

However, now we are offering an 'Entrepreneur DNA Profile' analysis for successful entrepreneurs who take the test, regardless of your location. 

This report will tell you:

  • How you scored in comparison to other entrepreneurs across the globe
  • Which personality traits you possess that can help you be a strong entrepreneur
  • Which personality traits you possess that might prevent you from being a strong entrepreneur
  • What you can do to maximize your chances of being a successful entrepreneur

Check your unique Entrepreneur DNA and see how you compare to 175K startup founders worldwide

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