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As a Graduate of the San Diego Founder Institute, Southern California startup InvolveSoft (formerly Glipped) streamlines social responsibility programs as a unique service few other companies accomplish. The fundamental core behind this company, founded by Gaurav Bhattacharya and Saumya Bhatnagar, comes from the act of volunteering once found plentifully in New Delhi, India.

Bhattacharya graduated from Cal State Long Beach in an aerospace engineering program, though recently returned to New Delhi with his business partner, Bhatnager. They discovered the strong volunteer system once enacted there by the government was no longer in place.

It turned out New Delhi simply couldn't keep up the pace of the volunteering process using just spreadsheets. Upon returning to the U.S., it gave Bhattacharya and Bhatnager inspiration in starting a company that perfected a social responsibility system.

Their goal was to create a platform that eliminated overhead costs involved with corporate philanthropy and make it easier to link up with nonprofits and NGO's.

This led to InvolveSoft, which now becomes a leader in matching companies with volunteer organizations. Let's take a closer look at the founders, what sets them apart, and their potential future.

More on InvolveSoft's Founders

Gaurav Bhattacharya above actually quit his job to start InvolveSoft, and Saumya Bhatnagar took a similar sacrifice. The latter was still seeking a master's degree in college when being asked to become CTO and co-founder of the company.

Now InvolveSoft has a strong team running their ship with a particular attention on millennials starting their own companies.

InvolveSoft's basic motto is "connecting and impacting" our world. It places companies in a new position to help change the world by using more targeting to find volunteers.

This places InvolveSoft in a special position because they have few competitors. While you'll find places like VolunteerMatch that help businesses link with volunteers, InvolveSoft makes it easier as an SaaS service. It includes an easy-to-use dashboard to organize information.

Funding for the Company

Despite the company only having under ten employees so far, they're already starting to grow quickly. In the above report from Long Beach Post, the founders are currently in talks to create a partnership with Qualcomm and Boeing, though still in the process of seeking investors.

They've also beta-tested in India, giving important evidence in how well their SaaS works. To date, they've worked with professionals there like dentists for perfect volunteer match-ups.

Their Target Market

As mentioned above, Millennials are their primary focus, though their service can apply to virtually any corporate demographic. The reason they've honed in on Millennials goes by recent studies showing how strong this age group is in being charitable while working in companies.

With so many Millennials now graduating from college and starting businesses, InvolveSoft's founders want to attract these people to show what social impacts they can make. InvolveSoft makes it easier for employees to give through an analytics dashboard helping them link up with other employees with similar charitable interests.

Recent Collaborations

Despite having one of their bases in New Delhi, InvolveSoft is already working on centralizing in either Long Beach or Los Angeles. Collaborations for them are important, and the earlier-mentioned dental camps in New Delhi get a mention on the company's website.

In America, they've additionally collaborated with the Bay Area Non-Profits Conference to help get more involved and promote InvolveSoft's potential.

As a still-growing company, InvolveSoft is in a good position to become successful based on the strong Millennial workforce. No doubt we'll see the company become imitated as well, giving them a global reach. The latter scenario is their top goal so the corporate-volunteerism ideal goes international in a time when the world needs to work together.

Visit InvolveSoft's website to see what they have to offer.

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