The Founder Institute (, the world's premier idea-stage accelerator and startup launch program, announced today that it is exploring a new semester launch in Bucharest this Winter 2016.

Based in Silicon Valley and with chapters across 180 cities and 65 countries, the Founder Institute has helped launch some of the fastest-rising startups across 6 continents like Udemy, Realty Mogul, iCarsClub, Itembase, goplaceit, Appota, and many more. The company's mission is to "Globalize Silicon Valley" and create sustainable startup ecosystems that will create one million new jobs worldwide.

If you'd like to help bring a semester to Bucharest, then fill out an Interest Form, or attend a free event. If enough people complete this form by the Launch Deadline (2019-05-21), then the Founder Institute will formally launch a Winter 2016 program.

The Founder Institute is the most challenging and effective step-by-step startup launch program for talented and motivated aspiring entrepreneurs. If you are serious about launching a startup, the Founder Institute can give you the structured process, constant feedback and evaluation from expert mentors, and global network of entrepreneurs you need to start an enduring company. In addition, the Founder Institute is the only program of its kind that focuses on people versus ideas, accepts founders with day jobs, and shares equity with all participants.

Leaders of the world’s fastest-growing startups have used the Founder Institute to transition from employee to entrepreneur, test their startup ideas, build a team, get their first customers, raise funding, and more.

In order to test demand for a Bucharest Spring 2019 program, the Founder Institute will host several free startup events in Bucharest:

Leading the Founder Institute's efforts in Bucharest include local startup leaders Alex M. Dascalu (President, German Center for Internationalization of Small and Medium Size Enterprises), Marius Mitroi (Innovation funds consultant), and Peter Barta (Strategy Consultant, Google).

Other successful entrepreneurs who have pledged their support to mentor founders in a Bucharest Founder Institute program include:

  • Adrian Zarnescu: CTO, SysWin
  • Adrian Stanica: Founder
  • Alex Dona: Founder ,
  • Alex Cernatescu: CEO & Co-Founder, Infinit Solutions Agency
  • Alex M. Dascalu: Managing Director, Founder Institute Bucharest
  • Alexandru Gheorghiu: CCO@ABC Data Distributie, Founder@IBWT
  • Ana Iorga: CEO, Buyer Brain
  • Ana Maria Udriste: Founder & CEO , Avocatoo
  • Andreea Suciu: Managing Partner, Suciu | The Employment Law Firm
  • Andrei Pitis: Founder & CTO, Vector Watch
  • Andrei Cretu: Co-founder of 7card
  • Anil Pillai Dr.: Founder and CEO, Buyer Brain
  • Antonio Eram: Founder, NETOPIA
  • Bartosz Drapikowski: CEO, Debonair Beast
  • Bogdan Iordache: Founder, How to Web, TechHub Bucharest, TechAngels
  • Bozhidar Georgiev: CEO, Yatrus Analytics
  • Bülent Duagi: Digital Business Strategist
  • Calin Lupsan: Founder, CEO, Intelligence
  • Catalin Grigorescu: Managing Partner, bpv GRIGORESCU STEFANICA
  • Catalin Mester: CEO, YMALL Shopping
  • Constantino Navarro: CFO, - Jumia / Taparo / World Bank
  • Corina Toma: Founder, Hub 11
  • Corneliu Manescu: Principal Software Development Engineer, Microsoft
  • Cosmin Curticapean: Founder, iFactor
  • Cosmin Pasnicu: Founder, KOFITI
  • Cristi Badea: Co-founder & CEO , MavenHut Games
  • Cristian Orasanu: Co-Founder, Paybilla
  • Cristian Negrutiu: Partner, Sparking Capital
  • Cristina Bucur: Counsel, DLA Piper Global Law Firm
  • Cristina Daianu: Partner, Dentons
  • Dan Mihaescu: Founding Partner , Gapminder Venture Partners
  • Dan Calugareanu: Partner, Early Game Ventures
  • Daniel Vaduva: Founder, Kalium Labs
  • Daniel Rogoz: Founder, Kinderpedia
  • Dragos Nicolaescu: Founder, CEO, Visionary Business Consultants
  • Erik Barna: CEO and Founder, LIFE IS HARD SA
  • Florian Zgunea: CEO, Remantec AG
  • Florin Cioaca: Founder, Traderion
  • Florin Grosu: Co -founder, Traderion
  • Gabriel Paunescu: CEO, Naologic
  • Gabriela Milcev: Partner, MILCEV BURBEA Intellectual Property & Law Office
  • George Dita: Founder, WiseUp
  • George Lemnaru: Founder, Green Horse Games
  • George Petrov: Founder, Trevor Labs ltd.
  • Gregoire Vigroux: Co-Founder & Vice-President, TELUS International
  • Grzegorz Grabowski: COO, Maspex Romania
  • Ioan Cocan: Managing Partner, Tremend
  • Ionut Tata: President, Cluster for Innovation and Technology
  • Iulian Circiumaru: Managing Partner
  • Jascha Willimek: Managing Partner, neusta group
  • Lars Wiechen: Partner in Charge, Deloitte
  • Leo Mart: Founder, Sunrise VR Studio
  • Liviu Dragan: Founder, DRUID
  • Malin Iulian Stefanescu: President, TechAngels
  • Marian Dinu: Managing Partner, DLA Piper Dinu
  • Marius Mitroi: CEO , Rise
  • Marius Deak: CEO, AVANDOR & Green Pixel
  • Marius Dosinescu: Founder,
  • Marius Dosinescu: CEO,
  • Matei Dumitrescu: Co-director @ Founder Institute, VP @ TechAngels
  • Mihai Rotaru: FOUNDER, CLEVER TAXI
  • Mihai Darzan: Founder, RINGHEL
  • Mihai Sfintescu: Managing Director, Abilito Capital
  • Milen Ivanov: CEO, CEO CLUB BULGARIA
  • Mircea Vadan: Founder, Cluj Startups, MVP Academy
  • Oana Petrescu: CEO, Blueair
  • Ovi Negrean: Founder, socialbee
  • Ozana Giusca: CEO & Founder, Tooliers
  • Peter Barta: CEO, FPP
  • Radu Ionicioiu: National Quantum Coordinator, Romanian Quantum Network
  • Radu Savopol: CO-FOUNDER & GENERAL MANAGER, 5-To-Go
  • Radu Sebastian Amarie: CTO,
  • Raluca Elena Rogoz: Founder, TailorAd
  • Ruslan Bocancea: Owner, Bocancea Law Group
  • Ryan Riegg: Director, Aion Associates
  • Serban Alexandrescu: CEO, Headvertising
  • Sergiu Lujanschi: `Country Managing Director, ABC Data Romania
  • Sergiu Petre: Senior PR Consultant, Graffiti Public Relations
  • Silvia Axinescu: Managing Associate, Reff & Associates SCA
  • Tatjana Kalezic: Founder, Serbia Start Up
  • Valentina Zaharia: Actor & Coach, Teatrul National din Bucuresti
  • Vladimir Sijakovic: Founder, Cvik & Partners

  • And many more to be announced.


Help bring the Founder Institute to Bucharest and fill out an Interest Form today.

(Bucharest Aerial View of Parliament Palace at Sunset image by Shutterstock)

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