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Juice Pitcher, a new startup showcase hosted by and, premiered last night in Mountain View, California. The Institute helped launch this event to give any seed-stage entrepreneur a fair shot at accessing the Silicon Valley elite, which is reflected in the open and democratic voting process to select showcase companies.

Almost 200 investors, founders, and members of the media were in attendance to see Institute Mentors Munjal Shah ( and Aaron Patzer ( speak, as well as see the ten finalists' presentations. Two of the finalists were Founder Institute graduates:

  • tribevibe, a social media impact measurement tool, and
  • RentCycle, the central marketplace for renting anything online.

You can see a video broadcast of the event here.

Juice Pitcher is one showcase specifically targeted for Institute graduates, in addition to the three investor sessions held during each semester. The Institute also recently partnered with The Angel Capital Summit, allowing any graduate to apply. More partnerships are being developed.

Congratulations to tribevibe and RentCycle!

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