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PetHub entered 128 U.S. communities in the past year as their new data-rich digital pet ID tags -- we're raising money to continue our fast growth.

We want a PetHub ID tag on every dog & cat to keep them out of shelters and we are already well on our way!" - Tom Arnold, Founder & CEO

PetHub is disrupting the pet identification tag space by providing modern ID tags to municipalities to replace their old stamped metal tags. These new IDs link to an online profile where critical data can be stored about the animal, including emergency contacts, dietary needs, medications & vaccinations, microchip and rabies tag numbers, and so much more. can even send GPS data to the owner and their emergency contacts when their animal is found.

Now that we've built the platform and generated traffic to the site, we can launch so many things, most notably a marketplace to connect pet owners with pet businesses, help pet food & pharmaceuticals understand demographics based on anonymized data, and so much more." - Lorien Clemens, Vice President, Business Development

The Problem

Once a lost pet enters a shelter, their chances of getting home are dismal, according to the ASPCA:

  • Approximately 3.3 million dogs enter shelters annually in the US; only 620K dogs are returned to their families (18.8%)
  • It’s even worse for cats: of the 3.2 million cats in shelters, only 90K cats get home again (2.8%)
  • Annually, 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized. The rest are adopted (rehomed) or placed in foster care situations
... the average cost to a shelter once an animal enters their system is $200/animal ...

The United States is home to over 89 million dogs, and more than 94 million cats, according to the 2017-2018 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, and the American Humane Association estimates that over 10 million pets are lost annually!

Based on PetHub's internal research with municipal clients, the average cost to a shelter once an animal enters their system is $200/animal (10 days to find the owner or re-adopt the animal at $20/day for food, medical needs, kennel, etc.).

PetHub's Solution

PetHub set out to make a modern pet ID: each PetHub digital ID tag includes a QR code, unique web address linked to an free online profile, a 24/7 Found Pet Hotline, and a suite of lost pet recovery software tools. Since 2010, PetHub has been helping lost pets get home fast (96% of PetHub recovered pets are home in 24 hours or less*) with our award-winning digital ID tags and powerful software tools.

98% of PetHub recovered pets are reunited with family without ever entering a shelter*.

(*based on internal statistics collected from 2012-2015).



  • San Francisco signs 3-year deal to use PetHub digital IDs as their pet license tags

    JUNE, 2018
  • Philadelphia, PA - launches PetHub ID tags as their new pet license tag.

    JUNE, 2018
  • Sacramento, California, contracts to use PetHub digital tags as their pet license

    MAY, 2018
  • Nashville, Tennessee, begins sales & distribution of 80,000 digital ID tags to its pet owners for animal licensing

    MAY, 2018
  • Miami-Dade County renews PetHub contract purchasing 280,000 additional digital ID tags for September 2018 launch

    MAY, 2018
  • Q1 2018 - 549.5% increase in sales compared to Q1 2017

    APRIL, 2018
  • PetHub added over 30k new pet profiles in Q1 2018 (with more municipalities on-boarding each month)

    MARCH, 2018
  • More than 30 municipal purchasing contracts, representing over 40 municipalities & 500,000 pets in the last 18 months.

    FEBRUARY, 2018
  • More than 370,000 wholesale pet tags sold in 2017

    JANUARY, 2018
  • 4 of the top 10 largest cities in the US, and 2 of the top 10 counties use pet licenses "Powered by PetHub."

    DECEMBER, 2017
  • First municipalities start offering PetHub IDs as their new license tags

    APRIL, 2017
  • Major Pivot - PetHub changes focus from selling through retail to selling tags as license & rabies tags - Y2016 builds new sales pipeline

    JANUARY, 2016


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