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In a world where digital platforms often divide and distract, FI Toronto graduate WishWell emerges as a beacon of hope and connection, set to transform the way we interact and uplift one another. The groundbreaking app that blends science, love, and technology, is set to launch on November 11, 2023.

WishWell is not just another app; it's an invitation to a compassionate revolution. The platform aims to bring people together and foster meaningful relationships through simple acts of goodwill. Unlike traditional social media, WishWell has no algorithms, bots, advertising or negative feeds.

"We believe our time, attention, and intention have immense value," says Dr. Scott Levine, co-founder and CEO. "We ask our users to gift the time they spend mindlessly scrolling to support the hopes and dreams of someone they love."

Key features of WishWell:

  • Wishes: A wish is an ask for emotional support in one of four intentions: Love, peace, abundance or good health. Alpha users asked for healing from cancer to getting a new job to finding true love.
  • Blessings: Support the Wishes of loved ones through a Blessing, a one minute guided meditation or prayer, that harnesses the science of quantum entanglement to amplify the outcome through visualization.
  • Global Wishes: Universal wishes (e.g. Peace on Earth) that unite humanity and blur the lines of separation.
  • The Well: A pro-social space, committed to maintaining a feed of positivity and gratitude with heartwarming messages.
  • The Compassion Map: An interactive map that tracks the exchanges of love performed in app and crowns the most compassionate city in the world.

At its core, WishWell is rooted in science. Extensive research demonstrates that compassion, whether giving, receiving, or witnessing, has the power to elevate mood, reduce stress, and decrease feelings of loneliness. WishWell draws upon this scientific foundation to facilitate acts of love and provide a safe space for users to express their needs, offer emotional support, and experience the healing and transformative potential of goodwill. 

WishWell is the brainchild of Dr. Levine, a resident of Toronto, and Co-Founder Neil Phasey, a resident of Charlotte, North Carolina. Together, they've dedicated the past six years to researching and developing how to unite people in heart coherence through technology..

WishWell launches exclusively in the Apple Store on November 11, 2023, and invites new users to support a Global Wish upon download for peace on Earth to watch the world light up in love.
About WishWell:

WishWell is a compassion-driven company dedicated to reducing suffering, loneliness, and separation by transforming smartphone usage into simple acts of goodwill. Rooted in the fusion of science, love, and technology, the community-centered platform offers a new alternative to mindless behaviors on social media. WishWell empowers users to foster deeper connections in a safe space to express needs, provide emotional support, witness kindness, and harness the healing power of collective attention.

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