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As part of the Founder Institute’s continuing series of free online startup events for entrepreneurs worldwide, we were pleased to welcome Michael Hiles of 10XTS on April 13th for this live online discussion around the topic of Raising Capital with Tokenized Digital Asset Securities.

With the advent of blockchain, there are new and different ways to raise capital for startups and funds alike. It's called tokenization, and it's different from the common methods of fundraising you're likely familiar with, because of how it changes ownership from a traditional spreadsheet to a token on a blockchain. Watch this video featuring Micheal Hiles, CEO of 10XTS, and discover how founders and fund managers can bring the security, transparency, and liquidity of cryptocurrency to traditional capitalization and ownership: 

About the Speaker Michael Hiles:
Michael Hiles is CEO of 10XTS, and was formerly the Managing Director of Founder Institute Cincinnati - before founding 10XTS, he led three successful accelerator cohorts in Ohio. Today, his team is focused on helping founders, institutional investors, and asset managers to launch token-based securities as primary offerings, and list and trade those tokenized assets across registered, decentralized capital markets.

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