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In the following video from an October 2021 Alumni Session, Founder Institute mentor Connie Kwan explores Storytelling for Products - this startup communications masterclass dives into the psychology behind human thinking and storytelling, and examines how savvy entrepreneurs can apply storytelling techniques toward achieving their startup’s goals, from marketing to fundraising to internal communications, and more. 

Watch to learn about the six storyteller 'types' and how entrepreneurs can leverage knowledge of psychological archetypes to nudge key decision-makers. 

Key Insights Include: 

  • Evoking Emotion through Products & Brands
  • Storytelling & the human mind: giving meaning to facts
  • Psychology Behind Kwan’s 6 Storyteller ‘Types’
  • Internal Storytelling for Team Communication
  • External Storytelling: in the Press, Reviews, Social, Competitors 
  • Developing a Brand Voice, Cohesive Across Organizations

For more in-depth learnings with Connie Kwan, including Product Coaching for the C-Suite and Workshops for Teams, check out Product Maestro - the next Storytelling Class for Leaders cohort starts in January 2022, details at: 

About the Featured Speaker:

Connie Kwan is a Product and Marketing Executive with 17 years of experience building teams to deliver product excellence. Her experience spans a wide range of industries including blockchain, enterprise SaaS, on-prem software, consumer apps, digital health, energy, and semiconductors. Currently, as the CEO of Product Maestro, Kwan advises startup executives on Product Strategy and coaches PMs on crafting powerful product stories that resonate with customers and teams.


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