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Photo: Vicki Iverson (Co-Founder and CTO, Iversoft), Matthew Strentse (Co-Founder and COO, Iversoft), Shawna Tregunna (Director of Digital Services, Iversoft & Director, Founder Institute Ottawa),  Mayor Jim Watson (Mayor of Ottawa)

While many of the Graduates of the Founder Institute have achieved considerable success since graduating from the program, plenty of FI’s Directors have found their share of wins, as well. One such individual is Shawna Tregunna, who is one of the Directors of the Ottawa Founder Institute.

Tregunna’s digital marketing agency, ReSoMe, was recently acquired by Iversoft, an Ottawa-based gaming and digital services firm, the details of which were originally reported in the Ottawa Business Journal article, “Ottawa-based Iversoft acquires local digital agency ReSoMe”.

While the financial details of the detail have not been disclosed, it’s clear that Iversoft wants to add marketing to its suite of solutions the acquisition of Tregunna’s company, which she founded in 2011. ReSoMe also marks Iversoft’s second acquisition, following their acquisition of Jelly Smeared Games earlier this year.

This acquisition will allow Iversoft to grow into the digital marketing space, giving their clients a more expanded option for their services, as applications and projects can now come with the option of a social media roll out or any other type of marketing campaign.

As part of this acquisition, Tregunna will join Iversoft and lead their newly-formed digital marketing and analytics division as the Director Of Digital Services. Joining Tregunna in her move to Iversoft are ReSoMe’s clients, along with all of the firm’s employees, who will handle the marketing and analytics aspects for Iversoft’s clients.

Iversoft is smart to keep Tregunna as part of its acquisition of ReSoMe, as she has an extensive background in the local tech startup scene in Ottawa. In addition to her work as a Co-Director of the Ottawa Founder Institute, Tregunna also served a Community Leader for Startup Ottawa for over three years, helping develop and promote startups and entrepreneurs.

She also has a sizeable background in business and marketing. Prior to launching ReSoMe, Tregunna held such roles as Social Media Strategist and Program Manager at Gilmore Global, Marketing Manager at, and Manager of Training and Development at Bankers Warranty Group.

Shawna Tregunna will continue to lead the upcoming semester of the Ottawa Founder Institute, which is currently accepting applications. Click here and apply today!

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