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Gaining early press provides a myriad of benefits for new companies. Coverage in a popular Oslo startup blog or newsletter can make the difference between success and failure. It can lead to new customers, large contracts, pilot programs, investment, or even a connection with a crucial co-founder or early employee. Unfortunately, many founders either consider the time costs of press outreach to be too high, or simply believe that it's not necessary, and that their product is so strong and innovative that it will attract customers through natural virality. 

That, however, is usually not how most startups gain traction. Almost every company in the world will eventually find themselves in a position where they need a boost, where they need more exposure. That's when the strong tech media scene in Oslo can be a saving grace. 

In the blog post below, we’ve listed the startup media organizations in Oslo who provide press coverage and inform the local startup community about exciting new companies.


Oslo Startup and Tech Media

These are startup newsletters, tech blogs, Facebook groups for entrepreneurs, and other forms of media is Oslo that can help early-stage startups get exposure.

Oslo News Media

These outlets focus more on news issues rather than focusing solely on Oslo startup or tech. They're usually larger and more mainstream, and can be more difficult to access for early-stage companies.

Working with Oslo's Startup Media 

Your startup may developed a strong product, but that's often not enough to attract the kind of press coverage that you need to drive results. In a world driven by social media and short attention spans, it's very important to ensure that your press contacts are well-equipped to discuss your company in a way that will captive an audience in Oslo. 

Below are some written materials and guides that we recommend exploring, to get those most out of your Oslo startup media contacts:

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