2021 is the time to rebuild. Learn more here.
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Now is the time to rebuild: the world needs entrepreneurs to lead the way in creating a better future, for everyone.

Whether you have already launched a startup or are still in the idea-phase, this is the time to act. 2020 brought havoc to our health, our society, and our economy, and what remains is a world filled with reshuffling industries and new problems that need to be solved. As we continue through 2021, every entrepreneur has an opportunity to play a part in helping shape that better future.

That's why we are excited to announce applications are now open for the Costa Rica Virtual 2021 program.

If you could use a structured process and a lifetime of support from Costa Rica 's top investors and entrepreneurs to build something meaningful, then apply to the Costa Rica Virtual 2021 Founder Institute today.

Program Update: This accelerator will be run online with local and international mentors, with the potential for some optional in-person networking. Learn more on our Virtual Program FAQ page.

We will be hosting several free startup online events in Costa Rica  over the coming weeks, where you can learn virtually from top entrepreneurs from the comfort of your home:

Based in Silicon Valley and with chapters across 200+ cities worldwide, the Founder Institute is designed to help you build an enduring business that can survive and thrive in this “new normal.” We do this by giving you a clear process combined with constant feedback from a devoted network of international entrepreneurs and investors. Participants in the 4-month core program also get access to a lifetime of support through the Founder Institute's industry-leading free post-programs.

The Costa Rica accelerator is led by some of the region's top startup leaders, including Amadeo Quiros, Julian Trussart, and Mauricio Miranda. In addition, some of San Jose's top investors, entrepreneurs, and CEOs will be participating as mentors in the program, providing expert feedback and evaluation. The list of startup mentors for the Costa Rica Founder Institute includes:

  • Abraham Pineda Zelaya: Director de Tecnologia, Fundación CR para la Innovación
  • Adolfo Cruz-Luthmer: CEO, Proximity Costa Rica
  • Adrian Garcia: Co-Founder, Carao Ventures
  • Alberto Peralta: Tax Partner, Caoba Legal
  • Alejandro Antillon: Partner, Erneast & Young
  • Alejandro Vega: Alejandro Vega - CEO, Huli (San Jose FI), Huli
  • Alejandro Brenes: Founder and CEO, Enertiva Costa Rica
  • Allan Boruchowicz: Founder and Managing Partner, Carao Ventures
  • Allan Boruchowicz: Founder & Partner, Carao Ventures
  • Amadeo Quiros: President , Caricaco
  • André Hess: IT Project Manager, Aeropost
  • Andrea Becerra: Founder and Innovation Director, AROMAS
  • Andres Conejo: CEO, TAG Sales Accelerator
  • Arnoldo Madrigal: Presidente, Brainware S.A.
  • Aurea Natalia Salas Aragon: Co-Founder , Trifecta Content Studio
  • Avery Lyford: Chief Customer Officer, InfoStretch
  • Brian Reale: Brian Reale - Co-founder and CEO, Colosa, Inc. (Bogotá FI), Colosa, Inc.
  • Bruno Campos: Partner, Pupila Estudio
  • Carlos Jimenez: CIO, AXS FUND
  • Carlos Mora De La Orden: CEO, Mora de la Orden & Co.
  • Carlos Cordero: Periodista, Grupo Nación
  • Carlos Sirias
  • Carlos Gallegos: Managing Partner - Advisory Services, EY (Ernst & Young)
  • Carlos Sirias: CEO, Pernix
  • Caya (Jose) Cayasso: CEO, Slidebean
  • Chris Snook: Managing Partner/Venture Catalyst in Residence, Launch Haus
  • Christián Vargas: Founder & President, PROCOM
  • Claudia Toledo: Founder and Director, HR Guru Latam
  • Daniel Saccani: President, Ravix Group, Inc.
  • David Bullon: Consultor, BID
  • Davide Tonti: CTO, Softon Digital
  • Diego May: CEO, Junar
  • Edgar Ugalde: CSM & FOUNDER, CR Consulting Services
  • Emanuel Conejo: CEO, Yapp Experience
  • Fabian Segura
  • Federico Zoufaly: Co-Founder, Mobilize.Net
  • Federico Zamora: CEO, Invermaster
  • Fernanda Castro: Financing Manager, PROCOMER
  • Fernando Arias: Design Director, Softon
  • Fernando Ramírez De La Peña: Consultant, Marketing
  • Francisco Molinero: CEO, Lancorp
  • Gabriel Murillo: Director, CASEIF
  • Gary Gaessler: SaaS Community Builder, Nylas, Co-Founder of CloudElements
  • Gerardo Saborio: CEO & Founder, ReqStudio.com
  • Gerardo E Porras: Director, GEP Coaching and Business Co. www.gep.cr
  • Guillermo Söhnlein: Co-Founder & CEO , Blue Marble ExplorationBlue Marble Exploration
  • Gustavo Halsband: Fundador, Halsband Worldwide Partners
  • Hany Alhamidi: Founder, eMentoring
  • Ignacio Castro: Managing Director, Founder Institute Boston
  • Isabella Sevilla: Marketing Manager, Slidebean
  • Israel Tejada: CMO, Go Pato
  • Jack Raifer: Co director, Cultura 52
  • Javier Nuñez: CEO, Ticofonia de Costa Rica y Moovin App
  • Jorge Rivera: CEO, Clandestina Hub Creativo
  • Jorge Claveria Garcia: Advisor Expert, ECOmmerce
  • Jose Nunez: CEO AXS Group/ Serial Entrepreneur, Multiple corporation
  • Jose Coto: Managing Director, Prodigious
  • Jose Luis Fernandez
  • Jose Maria Calvo: CTO, Creative Drive
  • Juan Carlos Lizano: CSO, Go Pato
  • Julian Trussart: CEO, Susty
  • Karla Chaves: Directora y Fundadora, Proxima Comunicación y ECOINS
  • Laura Salazar: Senior Climate Change and Sustainability Services
  • Lionel Peralta: Presidente , Grupo Alta
  • Lorna Peraza: Founder, Genius Lab
  • Luis Enrique Porras: MBA / Business Consultant , GCN Grupo Consultor de Negocios
  • Manfred Perez: Founder, Metodus
  • Marco Guzman: CEO, PETLIFE
  • Marco Tonti: CEO / Founder, Softon Digital
  • Marcos Polanco: CTO, Bellwether Coffee
  • Maria Paula Antillon: Associate
  • Marianne Hutt: Co-Founder & Impact Partner , Sweat Capital
  • Mario Pena: Senior Analyst, Carao Ventures
  • Matthew Southern: Founder and CEO, Southern Straps
  • Mauricio Miranda: Manager, Caricaco
  • Max Hsia: President, Madd Mex Cantina
  • Max Faingezicht: Co-Founder, Telescoped
  • Melvin Gonzalez: CEO, WinIT Consultores
  • Michael Figueroa: Onboarding & Hiring Manager, Softon ITG
  • Monserrat Guitart: Director of IP and Tec, Dentons Costa Rica
  • Nayid Aguilar: CEO, OMNI
  • Newton Paskin: President & CEO, Explorer Technologies
  • Oriana Oviedo: Co fundadora, Cultura 52
  • Óscar Retana: Director, Gridshield
  • Otto Rivera: Director Ejecutivo, Cámara de Tecnologías de Información y Comunicación (CAMTIC)
  • Pablo Elizondo: Founder / CEO, LabCloud
  • Paco Cervilla: Founder, Festival Internacional de Diseño Costa Rica
  • Paola Quiros: Marketing Director, Trifecta
  • Paul Fervoy: Founder, Extendo
  • Paula Guevara: Creative Consultant, Independent
  • Philippe Trussart: Co-Founder Managing Partner Minerva, Minerva
  • Rafael Cañas: Founding Partner
  • Rafael Azofeifa: Founder / CEO, NÓVAQ
  • Roberto Ponce
  • Rogelio Umaña: Lead Facilitator & Founder, Astrolabe
  • Ronny Jimenez, Amazon
  • Ronny Froimzon: Sales Manager , Regadar
  • Rosalia Morales: Executive Director , NIC
  • Ryan Frazee: Director of Marketing / Former entrepreneur, INCAE Business School
  • Sergio Chaverri: Co-founder & Managing Partner , Sweat Capital
  • Sergio Ballester: CEO, Indigo Drones
  • Sofia Juarez
  • Sonia Domean: Rectora, UAM
  • Sophia Murillo: Manager seed by EY (CR), Ernst&Young
  • Steve Vega: CTO, Huli
  • Steve Mc Kay: CEO, Entone, Inc. and others
  • Steve Aronson: Founder, Cafe Britt
  • Steven Baltodano: LATAM Sales Director, Talkpush
  • Tamara Dal Maso: Co-Founder, Trifecta Content Studio
  • Tom Schultz: Retired Software Executive
  • Tomas De Camino: Director de Investigación y Desarrollo, Fundación CR para la Innovación
  • Xavier Rubio: Founder CEO , Pixdea
  • Yanancy Noguera: Journalist, aCubed Limited

  • And many more to be announced.

Since 2009, the Founder Institute has helped over  5,000 Alumni raise over $1 billion funding, get into seed-accelerators, generate traction, recruit a team, build a product, transition from employee to entrepreneur, and more (see the FI 10 Year Impact Report here).

Join us in Costa Rica to help build the future. 

Apply to the Costa Rica Virtual 2021 Founder Institute today, or learn more at FI.co/overview.  


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