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The world's largest pre-seed startup accelerator, the Founder Institute, in Montreal announces the newest alumni from the Quebec chapter’s first ever virtual 2020/2021 Winter program.

Over 400 people applied to the program, and after an intense four months of aggressive business-building sprints and constant evaluation and feedback from investors and mentors, just thirteen companies were able to make it through. 

Each of these Founders have demonstrated a high level of perseverance and creativity, and their businesses have been thoroughly vetted and supported by a panel of Montreal's top startup experts and investors.  

Introducing the New Alumni of the FI Montreal Winter 2020/2021 program: 

eWarren has developed a cashless, digital payment solution that started out in the informal transport networks of Cote d'Ivoire through pre-paid NFC companion cards, POS terminals & mobile apps and has the capacity to scale into other small businesses. 

  • Launched in 2020 in Abidjan where there are daily transportation expenses of $3.2M and 10 million rides per day. 
  • 8,000 Customers and 1,000 taxi drivers onboarded, in addition to partnerships with UBA, Ecobank, Mansa Bank, Orange Money & MTN. 
  • The solution, whilst starting within informal transportation, has already become an applicable solution to all unbanked small merchants looking to digitize their payments. 

Fields: Finance, Payments, Mobile Payments, Transportation

With 17 years experience in auditing large and complex companies with PwC, eWarren Founder & CEO, Camara Karamoko, has developed skills and leadership to run the entire business of eWarren Financial Services across primary markets in Africa where the CEO is a native. 

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Reinvent Care is a platform aimed at helping seniors easily contact and hire expert caregivers driven by heart and compassion. The algorithm matches seniors with compassionate and experienced caregivers based on needed skills, language, and location. Once the request has been received, the senior will be presented with the top three matches most suitable for him.  The rigorous screening process includes background checks and personality tests to ensure the caregiver’s reliability. Reinvent Care’s goal is to provide high-quality care services to all seniors by creating transparency and a win-win relationship for all stakeholders.

  • Minimum Viable Product to be launched in July 2021
  • Some 40 Caregivers sign-up to the platform beta release.
  • Successful alpha release testing with 2 paying customers

Fields: Healthcare, Sharing Economy

Nadeline Jean Simon is the Co-Founder and CEO of Reinvent Care. She has over 10 years of experience in Operations and Supply chain Management. After completing her Master's of Science in Operations and Supply Chain Management at the University of Liverpool, Nadeline developed a true passion for entrepreneurship and decided to integrate lean thinking in the home care industry. Combining her passion for business and senior care, she founded Reinvent Care to provide high-quality care services to all seniors, by simplifying the process to receive home care services. 

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Leapsaver Marketplace is reinventing the wholesale price-club to support local and emerging producers in food and household products. In the aftermath of the pandemic, a wave of new grocery brands emerged. Newer brands are impossible to find in supermarkets, on grocery apps, and especially in the leading wholesale price-clubs. Leapsaver is here to change that by making it easier for consumers to discover and shop exclusive value packs of best selling products made by local and emerging grocery brands; bringing a new kind of value to shoppers. Leapsaver removes middlemen fees so shoppers can save 15% to 30% off while supporting talented founders near them. 

  • Built Leapsaver Management Studio App for seller page creation, linked to geo-location map.
  • Successfully tested the transactional platform through an alpha private release.
  • Company has 50 registered sellers (emerging grocery brands) and a waitlist of 300 beta-shoppers.

Fields: Retail, Supply Chain, Ecommerce

Leslie Perez is the Founder and CEO of Leapsaver, the marketplace democratizing the wholesale price-club industry. Running her own creative consulting agency these past years, Leslie comes with 20+ years experience in digital marketing, spending a decade managing marketing in the hi-tech sector. Leslie earned her BA in Communications Studies and Digital Media from Concordia University '03. Her passion for innovation, giving back and helping people reach their potential is her guiding force in building a purpose-based company that fosters community.

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Kinesix develops an AI powered smart heating jacket to help outdoor workers maximize their comfort and safety at all times no matter the weather outside.

  • Launching soon a Minimum Viable Product for commercial purposes
  • Secured partnership with a global clothing company for manufacturing
  • Secured paying POC’s with construction and retail companies

Fields: Construction, Sports, Internet of Things, Smart Clothes, Artificial Intelligence

After graduating from a Bachelor in Kinesiology and dropping out of his Master degree in Biomechanics, Founder & CEO Jonathan Albrecht decided to create Kinesix as a sportswear company first in 2013. In late 2015, seeing the potential from the wearable industry and always being interested in technology, John pivoted the company into a tech company and focused on developing its first product, the Smart Heating Jacket targeting the outdoor workers.

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AnviFX is a tech startup comprised of computer graphics professionals, real-time technology engineers and technical artists who are constructing immersive and user-friendly virtual environments for manufacturing, construction and hardware companies. These virtual showrooms are perfectly integrated into the company's platform, ameliorating the overall value of the business, and helping attract more customers in the long run.

  • Launched Minimum Viable Product
  • Secured paying customers for the Beta release
  • Reseller partnership agreement with a Quoting & CRM Software provider

Fields: Virtual Reality, Enterprise Software, Supply Chain

Founder & CEO Anna Kalakutskaya has been working in the Computer Graphics industry for over 10 years. Her first business in the industry was a visual effects company, where she and her team successfully delivered projects for biggest advertisement and movie companies. She earned her Masters in Economics, but wanted to deepen her business education and after moving to Canada, and got her Diploma in Business Administration. In 2020 in the midst of pandemic she launched another startup combining her vast experience in computer graphics and rising trend of virtual showrooms.

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Osmos is a Quoting and CRM software designed for sales teams that send quotes and estimates on a daily basis; and for businesses that need to manage prospects, create opportunities, and sales funnels. More effective than Excel. Connect Osmos to other CRM's, accounting software, ERP's, and productivity tools that you already use. 

  • More than 3,000 sign ups
  • Presence in 15+ countries with paying customers
  • Releasing in 2021 an enhanced new version (Osmos Evergreen)

Fields: SaaS, CRM, Quoting Software, Productivity Software, Supply Chain

Founder Rodrigo De Saro has 15+ years of experience in Product Management, Agile, SaaS, Startups, and Entrepreneurship; likes to solve problems, analyze data, and create solutions that customers like; and is enthusiastic about automation, new projects, startup life, and marketing. Rodrigo is a true believer that a great SaaS product is the result of a perfect integration between design, creativity, and satisfying customer needs, “Success is getting through defiance, adversity and difficulties, feeling hopeless and defeated but never giving up until you achieve your goal.” 

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Thallo is a startup that uses predictive matching to help early career candidates land jobs or internships with companies that are tailored to their needs and expectations. The web platform will serve as a single point of information sharing between candidates, universities and SMB or startups to streamline the prefiltering phase of recruitment, which can take on average 1 to 2 month. With a focus on behavioural components of a candidate as well as transferable skills and core values, Thallo aims to provide insights to all parties involved in the recruitment process in order to elevate the applicants and help reduce underemployment.

  • Launched a Beta v1 Minimum Viable Product allowing users to upload videos and CVs as well as search for entry level jobs. Mid-May, a new Beta v2 will be launched to on-board employers with first iteration to matching system
  • More than 100+ active users
  • Partnership with University of Concordia’s Research Center

Fields: SaaS, Enterprise Software, Human Resources, Talent Management, Future of Work

Thallo’s leadership team features 3 co-founders with very distinct backgrounds. As the CEO, Phoenix Hoang, CPA, brings on board his experience in risk management, and by having started two other business ventures. Dr Anh Tuan Ton, the COO, has a PhD in Pharmaceutical Science and has a proven track record in analysing and providing market insights with multiple scientific articles in peer reviewed journals. Fred Jamati, the CMO, is an industrial engineer and leverages his PR and Social Media knowledge from previous ventures to connect Thallo with its users and partners. Together, they are driven by a common mission: to elevate the workforce of tomorrow and to end underemployment.

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Aidia Legal is a legal document automation service platform for businesses. Bringing an ERP mindset to the legal arena, Aidia’s approach to legal document management focuses on productivity and compliance. Aidia can collect data through any portal and automatically generates legal documents with a click. The platform is expandable and customizable, with pre-built capabilities that streamline immigration and corporate legal processes. For immigration, the system generates government-required applications. As for business, it auto-drafts by-laws, resolutions, share certificates, and registers required by law. All client data is securely backed up and filed records are maintained with system-generated notifications to clients keeping them compliant with governmental standards. Whether you are professionals or individuals, Aidia’s goal is to improve your productivity and your bottom line. With access to a network of I.T. professionals, lawyers, and entrepreneurs, Aidia's strength arises from combining software automation with a professional human touch.

  • Launched a Beta Minimum Viable Product enabling business lawyers & immigration professionals to improve their productivity
  • Secured 5 on-going POC B2B partnerships to test product features
  • Secured B2B clients currently paying for the Beta MVP

Fields: SaaS, Enterprise Software, Artificial Intelligence, Document Management, Legal Services

Founder & CEO Florence So graduated from Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo. She has been a senior technical analyst in ERP software automation through her own consulting company for 20 years. Her clients include global management firms, the aerospace industry, as well as academic institutions. Never one to stand still, she went back to university to study law.  She has now earned a Juris Doctor (JD) and a master’s (LLM) in I.T. Law. Florence is currently fulfilling her articling obligation to become a lawyer and hopes to combine her two passions to build useful tools for this space.

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Moduly helps residential and commercial users to optimize their energy efficiency by giving them full control of their energy consumption with our modular smart energy storage platform. Using artificial intelligence, Moduly predicts, recommends and personalizes the user experience according to their consumption habits. Moduly is not just a simple traditional energy storage, it offers the power to move the peak hours, to reduce electricity consumptions, greenhouse gases, while saving every month . Moduly is a plug and play, modular and scalable solution that reduces the complexity and cost of installation while being able to manage energy from the electricity grid or solar energy by acting as a Nano Grid. Moduly offers you not only a backup plan in the event of a power failure, but also security, more convenience and energy consumption on your own terms.

  • Commercial Minimum Viable Product to be launched in July 2021
  • Secured Client B2B LOI's, plus Pilot POC’s
  • Releasing a Pre-Order B2C Marketing Campaign 

Fields: Hardware, Software, Artificial Intelligence, Energy, Climate

With over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience, Co-Founder & CEO Jonathan Lamer has initiated and participated in different types of technology business as an executor and action-oriented, strategic risk taker. Over the past 6 years, he has developed and commercialized over a dozen portable energy electronics in North America through major companies, mastering the manufacturing process, product-market fit, the retail and distribution market.  Lamer’s strength in developing links has allowed him to develop an exclusive international network and acquire particular expertise in the Asian market where he has perfected knowledge in the manufacture of all his previous products. Lamer’s entrepreneurial journey and continuous academic training have allowed him to master skills such as lean startup methodology, negotiation, management, finance and marketing.

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Sinple helps small businesses across LATAM sell online, manage their inventory, customers, and offer instant delivery fast. They know these people are hardworking, and time isn’t something they have to spare, which is why the platform is easy to use and relies heavily on automation, elevating every business’s operations to the next level. On the Sinple platform, users get everything necessary to start selling within minutes of signing up. All this at a price that just makes sense. Over 80% of LatAm smb’s have no online presence, and Sinple wants them to succeed in the local and global landscape. 

  • Launched a Commercial Beta Minimum Viable Product
  • Secured 25 delivery contractors  
  • Secured 8 Commercial Clients

Fields: Ecommerce, Software, Logistics, Supply Chain

The founders of Sinple are Miguel and Marino, two young entrepreneurs from the Caribbean. From a young age, they started selling stuff with the mindset of one day creating something that could ultimately positively impact the lives of millions. This shared drive translated into a friendship out of which flourished a business. As founders from a developing nation they faced multiple challenges that don’t always affect people in other economies, solving that problem became their passion and the most impactful thing they could do. They learned how to do everything themselves and took every task in-house, from designing to developing.

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KinoKlik is a film streaming platform helping independent filmmakers to market and sell their films directly to their target audience through automated marketing services, at no cost out of pocket. KinoKlik emphasizes on the marketing aspect of the film distribution, therefore enabling filmmakers to market their movie to a wider but targeted audience and thus enabling for more sales. As a small player in the film ecosystem, with automated marketing strategies and hybrid monetizations, it is our goal and moral duty to bring the independent films into the 42B$ streaming industry. 

  • Launched a Commercial Minimum Viable Product
  • Secured 15 independent Filmmakers
  • Secured partnership with 5 Film Festivals, plus the Canadian Film Institute

Fields: Digital Entertainment, Video on Demand, Video Streaming, Film Distribution

Founder & CEO Alberto Tihan has worked on film productions for over 10 years both in front and behind the camera. He studied film in college & Business Communications in university and decided to start a streaming platform to help Canadian indie filmmakers market & distribute their films more effectively through technology.

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iCollective is a collaborative web application where employees share their motivations and skills with other team members. Don't wait for the next assessment review - learn new things in the flow of work.

  • Launched a Beta Minimum Viable Product
  • Secured four corporate paying clients in Canada and France
  • Platform beta tested with 7 teams of employees

Fields: SaaS, Enterprise Software, Human Resources, Talent Management, Future of Work

With over 15 years of experience in Team management and IT product development, the founders have the vision to make millions of people happy at work. They learned the best practices in team and product management in France, US and Canada. Now they want to bring the best of Technology for people.

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The Fashion Trade is an app that connects second-hand clothes with fashion lovers! TFT’s goal is to play a leading role in breaking the stigma that stands between many people and second-hand fashion, contributing in the meanwhile to a substantial increase in relevance of the circular economy in fashion. The Fashion Trade aims to revolutionize the way people shop for fashion, by connecting every closet in the world: allowing people to simply and stylishly renew their closets, while saving money; offering a more sustainable fashion alternative for our planet today and tomorrow; and ensuring every clothing item in the world to find a home where it can make someone happy.

  • Launched Mobile App (iOSAndroid)
  • Secured 600+ beta subscribers
  • Multicultural technical founding team based in Africa and Latin America

Fields: Mobile App, Marketplace, Ecommerce, Fashion, Sustainability, Retail

An entrepreneur since age 15, Co-Founder & CEO Lorena Arias is determined to revolutionize and bring sustainability to the fashion industry while empowering women. Currently doing a Masters on Environment and Sustainable Development in Université de Montréal and working on bringing The Fashion Trade to reality as a better option for fashion consumption for women and the environment. 

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The Montreal Virtual 2020 program would not have been possible without help, because it truly takes a city to raise a startup. We would first like to thank the Local Leaders of the Montreal Founder Institute: Sergio A. Escobar and François Poirier. Our Local Leaders play an incredibly important role in building the local Founder Institute program, and Sergio Escobar has created an exceptional environment and network in Montreal conducive to building great companies.

In addition, the Montreal Virtual 2020 program was supported by some of Montreal's top technology organizations, including:

Some of Montreal’s top startup mentors helped our founders in the program, including:

  • Aaron Baer: Partner, Renno & Co
  • Aaron Albert: CEO and Co-Founder, Mine'd
  • Abdel Ali: Investment Analyst, Relay Ventures and Alate Partners
  • Abdellah Aouf: Chief Executive Officer, GO PLATFORM
  • Adam Spector: CEO & Founder, levy
  • Adeo Ressi: CEO, Decile Group / VC Lab
  • Alan Trieu: Senior Director, Sales , Cinchy
  • Alexander Rink: CEO, Rink Ventures
  • Alexander Mc Isaac: Principal, Strategic Investments and Women in Tech, BDC Venture Capital
  • Alexander Jager: Founding Partner, Amplifier Advisors
  • Alexander Morsink: Managing Director, Equivesto
  • Ali Nawab: Founder and CEO, Kiwi Wearables
  • Ali Ghassemi: CEO, Weaver and Loom
  • Ali Abbas: Founder & CEO , SEO Button
  • Amber Mac: President, Konnekt
  • Ambles Kwok: Head of Engineering (Toronto) / Co-Founder, Thumbtack / Therapia
  • Amir Alikhanzadeh: CEO and Co-Founder, Madlipz
  • Andrei Poliakov: CEO, APX Lending
  • Andrew D'Souza: Founder and CEO, Sfoundation
  • Andrew Hendry: Co-Founder, REALQualified
  • Anes Rachid: Manager, Innovation , City of Brampton
  • Anik Ghosh: CPO, Phaze
  • Anna Hu: CEO and Co-Founder, Brizi
  • Aran Hamilton: President & Co-Founder, Vantage
  • Arcui Usoara: Founder/CEO, Iaculus
  • Ashley Hahn: Head of Startup Developer Ecosystem, Canada, Google
  • Ashok Prabhu Masilamani: CTO & Founder, Stratuscent
  • Aurelie Guerrieri: CMO, Open Systems
  • Aurélio Araújo: CEO, Leadfy
  • Axel Villamil: CEO, StageKeep
  • Ayhan K. Isaacs: Head of Global Growth, Founder Institute
  • Balaji Gopalan: Co-Founder and CEO, MedStack
  • Barnabe Geis: Executive Director, Centre for Social Innovation, Climate Ventures
  • Barry Hillier: Founder & CEO, eQuo/ DOS
  • Ben Stacey: CEO, Pitchverk
  • Ben Sanders: CEO and Co-Founder,
  • Ben Baldwin: Founder,
  • Ben Zion Benkhin: CEO,
  • Bernie Li: Board Member and Investor, Antler
  • Bilal Tariq: Technical Talent Connoisseur , GuruLink
  • Bill Jouni: Partner, NGO
  • Bob Embleton: CEO, Perigee Convergent Solutions Inc
  • Bob Kyryliuk (CEO-P2P): CEO & Founder,
  • Brad Poulos: Mr., Ryerson University
  • Braedon Hinde: Co-Founder, Purpose Equities
  • Brett Reed: Director, Global Talent and People, Localised
  • Brice Scheschuk: CEO, Globalive Capital
  • Bruce Hodges: Founder & CEO, Parachute (White Hat Financial)
  • Bryan Gold: Co-Founder and CEO, #paid
  • Bryan Smith: Co-Founder & CEO, ThinkData Works Inc.
  • Bryan Duarte: Managing Partner, BlackTech Capital
  • Callum Travaglini: Strategy & Program Manager, Office of the CEO, Wealthsimple
  • Cameron Rowe: CEO, Hover
  • Caren Carrasco: Managing Partner, Benjamin David Group
  • Casey Lau: Co-Host, Rise Conference (Web Summit)
  • Cerys Goodall: COO, Vetster
  • Chad Ford: Vice President Innovation, Communica and Partner, Pactech Ventures, Director, Western Canada Founder Institute
  • Chevonae Walcott: Associate, Relay Ventures
  • Chintan Oza: Founder, Anantam Ecosystems
  • Chris Ye: Co-Founder, Uken Games
  • Chris Hobbs: President, TTT Studios
  • Chris Adams: Founder and Managing Partner, Adams Hamilton
  • Chris Anderson: General Partner, A2Z Ventures
  • Christopher Leacock: Founder , Jillionaire LLC
  • Corey Gross: CEO, Sensibill
  • Cory York: CEO and co-Founder, PowerStores
  • Craig Asano: CEO, National Crowdfunding & Fintech Association of Canada
  • Dan De Mers: CEO and Co-Founder, Cinchy
  • Daniel Bishun: Economic Development Officer , City of Brampton
  • Danielle Brewin Graham: Co-Founder, The Firehood
  • David Winterstein: CEO, Velocia
  • David Jorjani: VP of Product and Engineering, Sayge
  • Denise Mc Clure: Senior Manage of Economic Development, City of Brampton
  • Derrick Fung: CEO, Drop
  • Devin Tu: Founder and CEO, Map Your Property
  • Devin Ramphal: Innovation and Technology Sector manager-City of Brampton, City of Brampton
  • Diana Goodwin: CEO and Founder, MarketBox & AquaMobile
  • Dickson Nsofor: Founder and CEO, Korapay (Techstars 2019)
  • Dinah Davis: Founder, Code Like A Girl
  • Drew Lindsay: Co-Founder, GuruLink
  • Duncan Brown: Partner, Penrose Partners
  • Dustin Betz: Director of Operations, White Rose Ventures
  • Edmundas Balčikonis: CEO and Co-Founder, Eddy Travels Inc.
  • Eileen Brewer: Director, Takween Accelerator
  • Elaine Ann: Founder/CEO, Kaizor Innovation
  • Erich Ko: CEO, Hop In Technologies
  • Ernest Yap: Carbon Markets and Renewable Energy Lead, SWTCH Energy
  • Eropa Stein: CEO, Hyre
  • Evgeny Lazarenko: Senior Product Manager (L7 / Group PM level), Unity
  • Favour Ori: Founder, CEO, Payday
  • Fion Lee-Madan: Technical Co-Founder, COO and Customer Success, Fairly AI Inc.
  • Francois Le Roux: CEO, Terrene Technologies Inc & BountyBoard
  • Frederic Voyer: Senior Strategy & Execution Advisor, Post-Exit Entrepreneur (multiple: SWAAAP, BVI & HR Inc.)
  • Gabriel Purificati Weedon: National Account Manager, Calculated Hire
  • Gabrielle Rudd: Senior Program/Ops Associate, Techstars Chicago
  • Garth Smith
  • George Bordianu: Co-founder & CEO, Balance
  • Gilberto Gandra
  • Giovanni Gerbolini: Entrepreneur, Board Member, Startup Advisor, Djot, Loyal VC, MaRS Discovery District, Independent, Covenant House
  • Graeme Millen: Director, Technology Banking, Silicon Valley Bank
  • Gurjot Narwal: CEO and Co-Founder, Gini Health
  • Gurpartap Singh Toor: Council Member, City of Brampton
  • Hamid Akbari: CEO, BlancLink
  • Hamoun Karami: CEO and Co-Founder,
  • Haoyang Liang: Director of Product Development, Orbiseed
  • Harsh Pujara: Co-Founder, Actuality
  • Helen Platis: Managing Director, A Poke in the Brain Consulting
  • Hooman Aksari: CTO and Co-Founder , Artboard Studio (Techstars 2020)
  • Hussam Ayyad: Chief Accelerator Officer , Highline Beta
  • Idowu Akinde: Founder, Boolean Labs
  • Ilya Brotzky: Founder and CEO, VanHack
  • Isabel Starck: Founder/Co-Founder, Starck Coaching, SportsCarBoutique
  • Jack Liu: CEO and Co-Founder, Orbiseed (Techstars 2020)
  • Jaden Pereira
  • Jafar Owainati: Co-Founder, Loopio
  • James Meier: CTO, Synervoz Communications
  • Jason Atkins: General Partner, 360insights
  • Jay Krishnan: CEO, Accelerator Centre
  • Jeff Hohner: President, Tecumseh Capital Ltd.
  • Jeffery Potvin: Founder, Open People Network
  • Jelmer Stegink: Program Director, DMZ Innisfil
  • Jennifer Turliuk: CEO and Founder, MakerKids
  • Jeremy Potvin: Founder, World of Angus
  • Jeremy Glassenberg: Product Management, APIs, Developer Experiences, Marketplaces, API Strategist
  • Jeremy Bell: CEO and Co-Founder, Mayday (Techstars 2020)
  • Jeremy Potvin
  • Jeremy Kuo: CEO, Ever
  • Jesse Shapins: Director of Public Realm, Sidewalk Labs
  • Joe Parenteau: CEO and Co-Founder, Fable (Techstars 2020)
  • Jon Prentice: Investment Director (Canada) , Lighter Capital
  • Jonah Midanik: COO & General Partner, Forum Ventures
  • Jonathan Ip: Founder, Iterative Law
  • Jordan Jocius: Director, Company Founder Institute Waterloo-Toronto
  • Joseph Dales: Co-Founder & Director, RHA Partners
  • Juanita Lee Garcia: Executive Director, The Upside Foundation of Canada
  • June W Choi: Managing Partner, Serval Ventures
  • Jyoti Singh
  • Karanjot Jaswal: CTO and Co-Founder, Cinchy
  • Karen Greve Young: CEO, Futurpreneur Canada
  • Kayla Isabelle: Executive Director, Startup Canada
  • Kesem Frank: Founder, Mavennet and AION
  • Kevin Gervais: CTO @ Touchless, Co-Founder @ Auto Genius, Statflo, Touchless
  • Konata Lake: Partner
  • Kristine Beese
  • Kumar Abhishek: Head of Growth, Happay
  • Kweku Essien
  • Kyle Collier: Co-founder and CEO, Phaze
  • Laith Shukri: Sr. Market Development Manager, Silicon Valley Bank
  • Lance Cottrell: Founder, Feel the Boot
  • Laura Bryce: Co-Founder & CMO, loopt
  • Leandro Faria: CEO, Starbem
  • Leena Dixit: Founder and Mentor, Nativ Chefs and InFED
  • Lidia Bit Yunan: Co-founder, Set Scouter
  • Lorraine Wiseman: Vistage Chair/ President and CEO , Vistage Worldwide, Inc./ Leading the Wise Way Inc.
  • Lucas Porter-Bakker: Head of Product and Design, PDS
  • Luke Vigeant: CEO, Inkblot
  • Luke DeCoste: Entrepreneur in Residence,
  • Maarij Rehman: CEO, Envoi
  • Majdi Alnabih: CEO, ZipLunch Inc
  • Manny Jassal: Founder, Defiant Regime & Extra Sauce Agency
  • Mara Rada: CEO & Chief of Strategy, Feral (
  • Marat Mukhamedyarov: Managing Partner, Good News Ventures
  • Marcello Tommasi: Co-Founder & COO, Envoi
  • Marina Tran Vu: Founder & CEO , EQUO
  • Mark Smith: Canada Startup Ecosystem Lead, Amazon AWS
  • Mark Evans: Principle, Marketing Spark
  • Marty Finestone: Lawyer in Residence, Goodlawyer
  • Maryam Nabavi: Founder and CEO, Babbly (Techstars 2020)
  • Matt O'Leary: CEO and Co-Founder, Treasure Financial
  • Matthew Thurston: Chief Arctictect, Arctic Wolf
  • Mercedes Bankston: Founder, Funderstar LTD
  • Michael Young: CTO, Reuters News and Media
  • Michael Katchen: Founder & CEO, WealthSimple
  • Michael Kosic: Founding Partner, Loyal VC
  • Michael Collins: Founder | CEO, Periculum
  • Michele Romanow: Co-Founder, Sfoundation
  • Michelle Pinchev: Founder & Lead Strategist
  • Mike Suprovici: Head of Acceleration, VC Lab
  • Mike Hollinger, Dentons LLP
  • Mike Apted: Principal Solutions Architect - Startups, AWS
  • Milad Zabihi: CEO & Cofounder, Peekage
  • Milanyila Vargas: Economic Diversification Strategist, FMWBEDT
  • Mitt Korot: President & CEO, Toronto Technologies Inc.
  • Mitul Shah: Senior Associate, Vertu Capital
  • Mohan Markandaier: Managing Partner, Good News Ventures
  • Monish Sinthala: Mr, PYRAMIDIONS INC
  • Mucahit Gayiran: CEO and Co-Founder, Artboard Studio (Techstars 2020)
  • Muhammad Rashid: Director, Business Development, Finastra
  • Mustafa Saeed: Co-Founder, Stealth / Antler
  • Mustansir Paliwala: Strategy & Business Development, EQUANS Services Inc.
  • Mykyta Ponomarenko: Sales, RealSage
  • Nabil Fahel: Head of Partnerships and Community, Terminal, Inc.
  • Nadia KANOUN: CEO, Senior Adviser, Trainer & Coach, IHSCEN for Startups
  • Natalie Smith: Senior Associate, Whitecap Venture Partners
  • Neerav Sood: CEO, Simple AI
  • Neha Khera: Venture Partner, 500 Startups
  • Nicholas Sopuch: Talent Associate , Entrepreneur First
  • Nicole Verkindt: Founder and CEO, OMX
  • Niket Shah: Co-Founder, Acceler8 Labs
  • Noah Dolgoy: CEO, Tread
  • Noah Wallach: Founder, Hope OS
  • Osamede Arhunmwunde: CEO, GIGX Technologies
  • Pako Tshiamala: Founder & CEO, Blink Equity
  • Pamela Draper: CEO, Bitvo
  • Pardeep Grewal: Fellow, OnDeck
  • Parvinder Shergill: CFO, Trust Bridge Consulting Inc.
  • Paul Parsons: Partner, Metaii
  • Peter Ma: Co-Founder, MixPose
  • Philippe LeBlanc: CEO, Flixel Photos Inc
  • Phillip Gales: CEO,
  • Pooja Viswanathan: CEO, Braze Mobility
  • Preet Singh: Founder, Designx
  • Rahul George: Director Delivery, mDrift Technologies
  • Rain Takahashi: Founder and CEO, Jauntin
  • Ramya Pingali: Founder + CEO, The Email Studio Inc
  • Ravin Shah: Co-CEO & Founder, QuickTapSurvey
  • Raymond Luk: CEO, Hockeystick
  • Reuven Cohen: Founder, Award Pool
  • Reza Farhani: CEO, Katalyze AI
  • Richard Hyatt: Co-founder, BlueCat Networks
  • Richard Cristina: Co-founder (MentorLabs), Founder (Bloom), Principal Director (Founder Institute)
  • Richard Findlay: Cleantech Specialist Advisor, RFCL Innovations Inc.
  • Robert Whiteside: Director, Founding Partner, Treemark Capital
  • Robin Lindner: Co-Founder, KWFamous
  • Rokham Sadeghnezhadfard: Founder,
  • Ron Gentile: Founder, Moodfit
  • Ron Benegbi: CEO, Uplinq Financial Technologies
  • Roy Pereira: CEO and Founder,
  • Russ Armstrong: Head of Business Development, Boast.AI (Boast Capital)
  • Russell Brand: CEO & Founder, Responsible Solutions Limited
  • Ryan Micheletti: Head of Global Operations, Founder Institute
  • Ryan Perera: CEO and Co-Founder
  • Samarth Chandola: Founder and CEO, Founder First Fund
  • Sameer Sortur: Founding Partner, SquareCircle Ventures
  • Sameer Khan: Sameer Ahmed Khan, Social Champ, Inc
  • Sami Dalati: Cofounder, Brizi
  • Sanjay Nediyara: Founder and CEO
  • Sanjit Singh: COO, Various Companies
  • Sara Bentham: Director, Georgian College Entrepreneurship Centre
  • Sara Bingham: Associate Director, Laurier Women Entrepreneurship Centre, Wilfrid Laurier University
  • Sarah Stockdale: CEO, Valkerie
  • Saroop Bharwani: CEO and Co-Founder, Senso (Techstars 2018)
  • Sean Yo: Product Management Fellow, ISPMA
  • Sergey Kalnish: CEO, SmartHire
  • Seun Sanni: COO, PayFi
  • Seymur Rasulov: CEO and Co-Founder, Whelp
  • Sharf Zafar: Director, RBC Royal Bank of Canada
  • Sharoon Thomas: CEO and Founder,
  • Sheetal Jaitly: CEO, TribalScale
  • Shibin Muhammed: Portfolio Manager, Techstars Canada
  • Shiju Radhakrishnan: Founder, CEO, Unremot
  • Shiva Bhardwaj: Founder, CEO, Pitstop
  • Slawek Potasz: CEO, CarScanner
  • Sodruldeen Mustapha: Co-founder and CTO, Raenest
  • Steve Dixon: SMB Leader (Canada), Apple
  • Steve Brovchenko: Growth Lead, Amazon
  • Suhas Ghante: Entrepreneur, SVEthos
  • Sunil Sharma: Managing Director, Techstars Toronto, Founder Institute Toronto
  • Tarun Sachdeva: GM, Wattpad
  • Tasti Zakarie: Head of Engineering, Social Capital
  • Tauseef Riaz: Cofounder ConsidraCare, Stock Target Advisor and Mashkraft,
  • Test Test, City of Brampton
  • Thomas Park: Partner, BDC Deep Tech Fund
  • Todd Finch
  • Tom Lowden: Head of Labs, US East and Canada, WeWork Labs
  • Tony Sabeta: Partner / Patent Agent, Aird & McBurney LP
  • Torrey Smith: Co-Founder & CEO, Endiatx
  • Tovit Neizer: Chief Storyteller, Yellow Bricks
  • Tracy Leparulo: Founder, Untraceable
  • Trevor Longino: Founder & CEO, CrowdTamers
  • Tugi Günes: Programs Lead, DMZ
  • Tyler Bryden
  • Uchi Uchibeke, Chimoney
  • Vasily Nikonov: Founder & CEO, Velvet.Capital
  • Vatsal Shah: Co-founder, CTO , Speak Ai
  • Victor Wong: Managing Director, Operations, Flipp
  • Vikas Gupta: CEO, AVARA
  • Wade Larson: CEO and Co-Founder, EarthDaily Analytics
  • Will Greenblatt: Co-Founder & Managing Director, OutLoud Speakers School
  • Will Moore: Senior Manager, PR and Communications, 1Password
  • William Johnson: Writer and Publisher, Canadian Tech Journal
  • Yang Yu: CEO and Founder, KitchenMate
  • Yatin Jain: Founder & Consulting Partner, Jivaso Technologies
  • Yehia Elkhouly: Founder, Parachute | Director Partnerships and Business Solutions, StackAdapt
  • Yemi Oluseun: Growth & GTM For FinTechs, The Change Hive
  • Zainab Williams: Founder

In the Founder Institute's pre-seed accelerator program, early-stage entrepreneurs and teams build their business alongside a critical support network of local startup experts that share equity in their success, and through a structured and challenging business-building process that has helped alumni raise over USD $950M. 

After Graduation, the new Montreal Founder Institute Portfolio Companies now have a fast-growing company that has been fully validated by experienced startup founders, with access to the Founder Institute's global network and post-graduate support programs to continue building their business. 

Leaders of the world’s fastest-growing startups have used the Founder Institute to raise funding, build a co-founding team, get into seed-accelerators, generate traction, recruit a team, build a product, transition from employee to entrepreneur, and more. Based in Silicon Valley and with chapters across 200+ cities and 100+ countries, the Founder Institute’s mission is to Globalize Silicon Valley and empower talented and motivated entrepreneurs to build companies that will create one million new jobs.

The next Montreal Founder Institute program is being planned now. If you are interested in being notified when applications open, visit


*  *  *

Alumni of the Founder Institute are creating some of the world's fastest growing startups, having raised over 1.8 in funding, and building products people love across over 200 cities worldwide.

See the most recent news from our Grads at, or learn more about their stories at

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