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All enrolled Founders and Graduates are invited to join the Microsoft BizSpark program, which includes software, support, and visibility.

Microsoft BizSpark and the Founder Institute have chosen five initial cities to do Startup Acceleration: Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Santiago and Singapore. Founders will have access to Microsoft resources in each of these cities, including:



  • Access to Microsoft developer and platform technologies through BizSpark
  • Access to Microsoft offerings, such as Windows Azure
  • Technical and training events at Microsoft and partners
  • Microsoft Mentors to help Founders develop technology offerings
  • Access for Founders to Microsoft BizSpark Camps and technical events
  • Leveraging Microsoft industry partnerships, such as DEMO Asia


As part of the partnership, the Institute will make available Microsoft’s program for startups to the hundreds of enrolled and graduate companies, and locally the Microsoft team will act as mentors for founders, helping them build out products using Microsoft technologies. The Institute will also provide Microsoft with a stream of content from the many sessions hosted worldwide and founders have the opportunity to get greater exposure as a result of the partnership.

Within the Startup Acceleration cities, the top Graduates of the Founder Institute engaged with Microsoft technologies will receive additional benefits, such as:

  • One BizSpark member startup awarded a scholarship to cover course fee
  • Access to Microsoft Developer & Platform Group expertise and resources
  • Securing case studies and visibility on the BizSpark web assets
  • Enabling High Growth Startups via nomination for BizSpark One

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