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Since launcing in Miami in 2015, the Founder Institute has helped launch several promising companies in the region, like Dronelancer, LiVi , and VoiceYourVoice, and our efforts in Miami have also been profiled by several high profile media channels, including the South Florida Insider, the Miami Herald, and the South Florida Technology Alliance.

Today, the Founder Institute, the world's premier idea-stage accelerator and startup launch program, is excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for the Miami 2019 Semester!

If you are serious about launching a startup in Miami and could use expert training and feedback, then apply to the Miami Founder Institute today, or attend a free event.

Those who apply by the Early Admissions Deadline (2019-08-04) will have their application fees waived (typically $50), and if you enroll by the Early Deadline you are also eligible for Founder Institute Fellowships.

The Founder Institute is the most challenging and effective step-by-step startup launch program the Founder Institute can give you the structured process, constant feedback and evaluation from expert mentors, and global network of entrepreneurs you need to start an enduring company. In addition, the Founder Institute is the only program of its kind that focuses on people versus ideas, accepts founders with day jobs, and shares equity with all participants.

In order to celebrate the launch, the Miami Founder Institute will several free startup events for the general public, where you can meet top entrepreneurs and learn more about the program:


Leaders of the world’s fastest-growing startups have used the Founder Institute to transition from employee to entrepreneur, test their startup ideas, build a team, get their first customers, raise funding, and more - like Udemy, Realty Mogul, iCarsClub, Itembase, goplaceit, and Appota. Based in Silicon Valley and with chapters across 185 cities and 65 countries, the Founder Institute's mission is to "Globalize Silicon Valley" and create sustainable startup ecosystems that will create one million new jobs worldwide.

Running the Founder Institute's efforts in Miami include local startup leaders Enrique Sierra (Managing Director, Nadevco), Gustavo Fernandez (Managing Member/CFO, Royal Oak Kapital, LLC), and Juan Meza (Strategic Business Development Manager, Sony Electronics Inc).

In addition, some of Miami's top entrepreneurs will mentor founders in the program, providing them with expert training, feedback, and evaluation. The list of mentors for the Miami 2019 includes:

  • Aaron Chavez: Partner, Argent Strategies
  • Alexander Rodriguez: Partner, International Blockchain Legal LLP
  • Andres Hurtado: CEO, SynerTechCloud
  • Antonio Garrido: President, and Co-Founder, Absolute Sales Development, Sandler Miami
  • Benjamin Vides: Director, Products, Watsco Ventures
  • Brandon Evans: Purpose Driven Founder // Advisor // Investor Focused on High Growth + Social Impact Companies, 1heart
  • Carlos Romero: CEO, LiVi - Live stream by request
  • Carlos Icaza: CTO, RCTSports
  • Carlos Garrido: CEO, Absolute Sales Development
  • Carolina Forero: Director Digital Solutions, Visa Inc.
  • Cecil John: CEO,
  • Cody Littlewood: CEO & Managing Principal, Codelitt Incubator
  • Daniel Buelhoff: Founding Partner, Springtech Partners
  • David Collado: Investment Banker, 1st BridgeHouse
  • Donna Abood: Principal, Managing Director - Miami, Avison Young
  • Douglas Scott: Co-Founder & CEO, The HighBoy
  • Dr. Lascelle A. Sweetland: Managing Director, Laspainc Consulting
  • Elisabetta Bell: Marketing Operations Manager, Caterpillar Inc.
  • Felipe Fernandez: Executive Partner, Altenergy & Ecosolutions
  • Gabriel Cabrera: Advisor to the Board, Silverback Concepts, LLC
  • Gabriel Cabrera: Omni Channel Strategist, Avon
  • Gary Aksamit: Founder, Aksamit Resource Management
  • Goutam Jain: Partner & Chief Strategy Officer, Excelium Group
  • Greg Taffet: Managing Partner and CIO, Taffet Associates
  • Gustavo Fernandez: Founding Member, Royal Oak Kapital
  • Hector Figallo: Managing Partner, TamboWorks
  • Hernan Brana: Partner, MarketLogic
  • James Irvine: Founder, 305 Works and Pitch Night NYC
  • Jason Blilie: Owner, Blilie Law
  • Jeff Brown: Founder | Accredited Angel | Mentor, Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corporation, FIU SJMC
  • Jeffrey Harris: Founder, SpringBIG
  • Joe Tremols
  • John Price: Managing Director, Americas Market Intelligence
  • Jorge Cortes: Co-founder , MIA Ventures
  • Jose Rocha: Assistant Professor of Management, Gus Machado School of Business, St. Thomas University
  • Juan Meza: Director
  • Juan Patron: CEO, The 2020 Agency
  • Ken Roberts: President, WorldCity
  • Kevin Levy: Shareholder and Chair of Technology Business Law, GrayRobinson, P.A.
  • Kjell De Orr: Managin Director, Newlink Research
  • Laura Gonzalez Estefani: CEO, The Venture City
  • Leonel Azuela: CEO & Founder , Quaxar
  • Mario Cruz
  • Mark Volchek: Founder, Las Olas Venture Capital
  • Marshall Swatt: Founder, SocialSplendor
  • Marty Schultz: Founder, Objective Ed
  • Matthew Capala: Founder, Alphametic
  • Michel Legros: CEO & Founder, Normandy Print
  • Miguel Molina Cosculluela: Managing Partner & Co-Founder , Analytikus
  • Neil Steinhardt: Founder, ClassWallet
  • Nestor Villalobos: CEO, Tudor Ice Company
  • Nico Berardi: Partner, Magnetico Ventures
  • Oren Klein: Director of Strategy, Finaben llc
  • Pandwe Gibson: Founder , ECOTECH VISION
  • Rey Perez: CEO, &
  • Robert Robert Himelfarb: Partner, Randall Investment Partners
  • Rodo Novarini: Managing Partner, INCUBING
  • Roxette Miranda: Co-Founder, 305 Works
  • Roy Wolman: Finance Director , Diamonds International
  • Silvio Frank Pupo: CEO, Logos Capital
  • Spencer Lyon: Director of Industry Relations , Realdax
  • Sujee Jeganathan: Managing Director, Pursuit SCC Inc.
  • Thomas "Tigre" Wenrich: CEO, LAB Miami Ventures
  • Valerie Lopez: CEO, Shoot My Travel

  • And many more to be announced.


                                We hope you will join us in Miami and launch a company in 2016.


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