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In the following video from a December 2021 Alumni Session, Founder Institute global mentor Mark Montalban examines Mental Fitness, Mindfulness, and Meditation for Entrepreneurs - this startup masterclass explores cultivating psychological self-control and growth mindsets in the digital attention economy, and provides some practical exercises and techniques than entrepreneurs can apply in their day-to-day work and routines. 

Watch to learn why mental fitness is imperative to startup success, and how founders can leverage mindfulness to improve their mental function, well being, and more. 

Key Insights Include: 

  • Old Homo sapien brains in a brave new digital world
  • Dealing with modernity's contstant stresses, distractions
  • Psychology behind reaction and rummination
  • Corporate ROI in mental wellness initiatives
  • Wim Hof & Practical Breathing Exercises 
  • Mindfulness & Awareness Anchors 
  • Audience AMA with Mark Montalban of MindfulText

For more in-depth learnings with Mark Montalban, including Mindfulness Content Programs Built to Scale for Companies, visit - there are programs from 2 weeks to a full year, ranging across topics like Work From Home, Mastering Stress, Productivity and Attention, and much more.

About the Featured Speaker:

Mark Montalban is the Founder & CEO of MindfulText, a startup delivering a science-backed mindfulness experience through SMS-based content, helping leaders to enable mental wellness across their company's workplace. Mark is also the host of The MindfulText Perspectives Show, and is a frequent speaker on the topics of mindfulness, future-of-work, mental health, and leadership development.

Mark Montalban is also a former team member of FI HQ, where he spearheaded work across Growth, Company-Wide Operations, and Global Partnerships for over 6 years, scaling with Founder Institute from 30 to 170+ cities worldwide. 

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