Passel, a Graduate of the Melbourne Founder Institute, is making huge waves in the Australian tech startup scene.

On Sunday, April 15th, the company hosted their launch party to coincide with the company’s live coverage on 7 National News with Gemma Acton, alongside their real-time analytics and data. This party celebrated the company’s launch in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

The app can now be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play at the same time, and some of the launch stores include Purebaby, Pookipoiga, Storm in a D Cup, and the Party People.

What is Passel?

For those not familiar with the company, Passel is a crowdsourced delivery platform that allows people to shop, get items delivered, and make money while they're out shopping. This means that, instead of professional or even part-time couriers carrying out deliveries, it will be people on their way home from the shops such as people working in the vicinity or regular shoppers.

The Australian retail market has also been given a considerable uplift with both Passel and Brauz, both startups in Melbourne. The two companies have joined forces as a way to provide an end-to-end solution to the market so that retailers can stay ahead of the game. Brauz establishes a digital presence and increases the foot traffic inside stores, taking the pressure off for retailers. Now, the retailers on Brauz have the ability to make same-day deliveries as a result of partnering with Passel.

How Passel Came to Be

Marshall Hughes is the CEO of Passel. His journey has been a long one, spending 20 years in freight prior to becoming frustrated enough with the inability to provide solutions that he founded Passel.

Passel has proven that they are looking to establish a complete delivery solution within the retail industry. They take advantage of the newest technologies and trends, including personalization, API integration, and the sharing economy.

Passel, a Graduate of the Melbourne Founder Institute, has learned a lot about the business world. They have learned how to fill the gaps that large organizations simply cannot deliver upon. Passel has quickly gained the reputation for being able to provide an easy roadmap to enhance businesses so that they can provide more affordable options and innovation without overhauling their existing systems. He also thanks the Founder Institute for all that they have been able to do in order to support his dreams.

Seed funding was received in December 2016 and the company was launched in September 2017. Today, Passel has become the world's first crowd-sourced home-delivery company. Brick-and-mortar retailers can also benefit from the delivery service so that shoppers can get the local store experience online. Orders are delivered within three hours so that delivery doesn't have to take five days and be expensive on top of that.

"Australian brick and mortar retailers have a substantial geographic strategic advantage over purely online retailers...If they get their online and Click and Collect models right, then the best form of defence against Amazon will be a strong offence that leverages these key advantages." – Marshall Hughes

Passel is going places fast. As the head of Sales and Partnerships at Brauz, Jason Frew says, "Since working with Passel, we can offer Brauz retailers same day deliveries."

Small, independent retailers are no longer worried about going out of business. Passel has shown them how they can be an early innovator. The Brauz platform allows the retailers to be on the forefront of retail technology and Passel is helping them take it to the next level. The partnership proves to be beneficial for both parties.

The goal is to have 10,000 passers signed up in the month of April. The Channel 7 news interview is going to give them a needed boost, though they are also hoping for a significant amount of word of mouth. With Passel expanding into virtually every major metropolitan city in Australia, they are going places quickly.

Click here to see what else Passel has to offer.

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