Join us this Fall and launch a company in Los Angeles with the Founder Institute!

Applications to the Los Angeles Winter 2019 Semester are due very soon (2019-02-10). 

If you could use expert training and advice to launch a technology startup in Los Angeles, then apply today.

In the Founder Institute's four-month, part-time program, promising startup entrepreneurs "learn by doing" and launch a company through structured training courses, practical business-building assignments, and expert feedback from a large network of business mentors. Plus, aspiring founders are not required to quit their day job to participate, so they can begin building a business around their ideas without putting their livelihood at risk.

In only 9 years of operation, over 3,300 graduate companies across 180 cities have used the Founder Institute to validate their idea, develop their plans, refine their product, build an advisory board, prepare for seed funding, and more.

The Los Angeles Chapter will be led by local leader Jeanine Jacobson, a serial entrepreneur who has served as Executive Director/President for seven years with Athena, and Alex Lightman, Chairman of the Board at Everblaze.

In addition, participants in Los Angeles will receive expert training and feedback from an impressive list of mentors, including:

  • Aaron Abram: Founder , Osurv
  • Aaron Ross: Author, Predictable Revenue
  • Adeo Ressi: Founder/CEO, Founder Institute
  • Andy Abramson: CEO, Comunicano, Inc
  • Angela Lee: CEO & Co Founder, From Fat to Finish Line
  • Angelo Di Leva: Founder & CEO , Simply I Do, Inc.
  • Anthony Mazzarella: CEO, PatentVest, Inc
  • Brian Liu: Chairman & Co-Founder,
  • Chas Rampenthal: General Counsel,
  • Chris Bechtel: Managing Partner, Growth Engine Labs
  • Christopher Harz: Vice President, VirtualAgility
  • Dale Fox: Advisor, Serial Entrepreneur
  • David Johnson: Co Founder & Chairman of the Board, From Fat to Finish Line
  • Delilah Panio: Vice President, Capital Formation, TMX Group
  • Derrick Oien: CEO & Founder, ScoreStream
  • Dimitri Villard: CEO, Facet Capital Partners, LLC
  • Dolly Singh: CEO & Founder, Thesis Couture
  • Don Di Pietro: Co-Founder/COO, XIRKL Networks
  • Don Swan: Private Equity Associate, Skyview Capital
  • Donna Antebi: CEO
  • Eddie Hartman: co-Founder, LegalZoom
  • Eric Pulier: CEO and Founder, ServiceMesh, Inc
  • Evan Rifkin: CEO,
  • Fabian Geyrhalter: Founder and Principal, Finien
  • Fred Joyal: Fred Joyal - CEO & Co-Founder, Futuredontics (Los Angeles FI) , Futuredontics
  • Gabe Zichermann: CEO, Onward
  • Gaurav Bhattacharya: CEO & Co-Founder , Involve
  • Gioia Messinger: Gioia Messinger - Founder and Chairman, Avaak, Inc. (San Diego/Orange County FI), LinkedObjects, Inc.
  • Gregg Spiridellis: CEO, JibJab
  • Henri Duong: Founder, Principal, Enclave Web Group (EWG)
  • Jad Meouchy: CTO, Angel Investor
  • Jason Nazar: Jason Nazar - Co Founder & CEO, Crew32
  • Jay Tsao: CEO & Founder, GM Technologies
  • Jayla Siciliano: Founder, Bon Affair
  • Jeff Jackel: Founder/CEO, Appletree (formerly BuzzMob)
  • Jesse Dylan: CEO, Wondros
  • Jilliene Helman: Jilliene Helman - Co-Founder & CEO, Realty Mogul (Los Angeles FI) , Realty Mogul
  • Joe Bezdek: Co-founder, DivX, Inc.
  • Joe Bayen: CEO, Lenny Loans
  • Joe Betts Lacroix: CTO, Vium
  • Jon Funk: Founder & President, Ocean Road Partners
  • Justin Wu: Founder,
  • Kelly Perdew: CEO, TargetClose
  • Kevin Yamazaki: CEO & Founder, Sidebench
  • Larry Benet: CEO & Co Founder, Speakers and Authors Networking Group
  • Lucy Beard: Lucy Beard - CEO & Founder, feetZ
  • Manoj Khani: CEO & Founder, Memorita
  • Mark Landay: Managing Director, Dynamic Synergy
  • Mark Hellinger: Chief Marketing Officer, InvolveSoft
  • Matt Walker: Founder, DayPoint
  • Michael Green: President , Tech Coast Angels
  • Nick Cates: Founder & CEO,
  • Nitsan Tucker: COO & Co-Founder, Truemance, Inc.
  • Oded Noy: Founder & CEO, Social Approach
  • Oren Klaff: Director of Capital Markets, Intersection Capital
  • Patrick Barry: Founder and CEO, Kinduce
  • Peter Guber: CEO, Mandalay Entertainment
  • Reichart Von Wolfsheild: Chief Software Architect, CTO & Co-Founder, Qtask
  • Richard Koffler: CEO, Greenwings Biomedical
  • Robert Tercek: President, General Creativity Consulting
  • Ryan Kaltman: CEO, Brevity Inc
  • Sam Saddigh: CEO / Founder, Knightsbridge Branding
  • Saumya Bhatnagar: CTO & Co-Founder, Involve
  • Scott Wayman: Founder & CEO, Kangarootime
  • Scott Painter: Co Founder, BrightHouse
  • Sean Markin: CEO & Co Founder, Myvana
  • Sergey Sundukovskiy: CTO/CPO, Co-Founder, Raken
  • Seth Shapiro: President
  • Shuki Lehavi: CEO & Co-Founder, Gumiyo
  • Simon Mainwaring: CEO, Mainwaring Creative
  • Siobhan Oldham: CEO & Founder , Azestfor, Inc.
  • Steen Strand: Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer, ICON Aircraft
  • Stephane Fymat: Founder & CEO, Smartplane Inc.
  • Stephen Meade: Founder & CEO
  • Steve Hansen: CEO, Weplay
  • Taryn Rose: CEO
  • Thom Kozik: Thom Kozik - CEO, Village Green Network (Los Angeles FI) , Village Green Network
  • Tom Andrus: GM & SVP
  • Tony Karrer: Tony Karrer - CEO/CTO, TechEmpower (Los Angeles FI), TechEmpower
  • Tony Greenberg: Chairman and Founder, RampRate
  • Travis Schmidt: Founder, WorldFare
  • Walter O'brien: CEO, Scorpion Computer Services
  • Wayne Bos: Chairman, Minergy
  • William Quigley: CEO, OPSkins and WAX Token

                                        We hope you will join us in Los Angeles and launch a company in 2015.


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