2021 is the time to rebuild. Learn more here.
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Now is the time to rebuild: the world needs entrepreneurs to lead the way in creating a better future, for everyone.

Whether you have already launched a startup or are still in the idea-phase, this is the time to act. 2020 brought havoc to our health, our society, and our economy, and what remains is a world filled with reshuffling industries and new problems that need to be solved. As we embark on 2021, we each have an opportunity to play a part in helping shape that better future.

That's why we are excited to announce applications are now open for the Bolivia Virtual 2021 program.

If you could use a structured process and a lifetime of support from Bolivia's top investors and entrepreneurs to build something meaningful, then apply to the Bolivia Virtual 2021 Founder Institute today.

Local COVID-19 Update: In an effort to #StopTheSpread and ensure everyone’s health and safety, this program is planned to be held online. Learn more on our Virtual Program FAQ page.

We will be hosting several free startup online events in Bolivia over the coming weeks, where you can learn virtually from top entrepreneurs from the comfort of your home:

Based in Silicon Valley and with chapters across 200+ cities worldwide, the Founder Institute is designed to help you build an enduring business that can survive and thrive in this “new normal.” We do this by giving you a clear process combined with constant feedback from a devoted network of international entrepreneurs and investors. Participants in the 4-month core program also get access to a lifetime of support through the Founder Institute's industry-leading free post-programs.

The Bolivia accelerator is led by some of the region's top startup leaders, including Gonzalo CastellanosTito Ramos, and Walter Mendez. In addition, some of Santa Cruz de la Sierra's top investors, entrepreneurs, and CEOs will be participating as mentors in the program, providing expert feedback and evaluation. The list of startup mentors for the Bolivia Founder Institute includes:

  • Allison Silva: CEO and Co-founder, Eressea Solutions
  • Andrea Puente: CEO, Panal Fresh
  • Antonio Hurtado Peredo: Business Intelligence Manager, HP MEDICAL
  • Ariel Valverde Oliva: CEO, Yaigo Corp
  • Ariel Revollo: Co-Founder, Quantum
  • Carlos Andres Jordan: CEO, Ultracasas.com
  • Carola Capra: Founder, Red Nueva Empresa
  • Ciro Añez: Director Partner, Ciro Añez Abogados
  • Cristian Soto: CEO, Roleplay Consulting
  • Cristina Pardo Rojo: Director, Talento y Liderazgo Mundial
  • Daniela Amelunge: CEO, TARTINA; LA BOTECA
  • Dante Rivadeneyra: Commercial Manager, BANCO ECOFUTURO
  • David Barja: CEO, Imagination
  • Diego Tellez: Director, Flow SRL
  • Edmundo Rodriguez: Especialista , Marketing Digital
  • Eduardo Aranda: General Manager, SINTESIS SA
  • Ernesto Ovidio Roca Urioste: CEO, XQN?
  • Erwin Roca: Manager, DATABOL
  • Fernando Nuñez: Decano Derecho, UPSA
  • Fernando Lopez: CEO, LOLA GROUP
  • Francisco Javier Roman Roig: CFO & FOUNDER, tuGerente
  • Freddy Cordero Bazan: Director Partner, YFCB Consulting
  • Gabriela Molina Monasterio: General Manager, TEDxSanta Cruz
  • Giovanni Gamarra: CEO, Cisneros Interactive
  • Gonzalo Castellanos: CEO, DIGITAL ADVISOR
  • Henry Medina: Business Creative Director, Ogilvy Bolivia
  • Ives De Chazal: Presidente, Century 21 Bolivia/Paraguay
  • Jessica De La Rossa: Entreprepeur | Human Resources Manager, Interseguros S.A.
  • Jhonny Atila: Director , UAGRM Economic Research Center
  • Jose Luna: CEO & Founder, GOWORK
  • Juan Claudio De Oliva: CEO & Founder, GreenCloud.io
  • Julio Cesar Herrera: Co Founder, SEA
  • Julio Rodrigo Leon Montero: CEO | Co Founder, Interseguros S.A.
  • Karem Esther Infantas Soto: CEO, GeneraCenter Centro de Innovación
  • Leonardo Requena: CEO, MAKE COWORK
  • Leonardo Azurduy: Partner, BAQSN Abogados
  • Luis Fernando Ortiz: Managing Partner, TuBecaBolivia.com, Delta Cargo.
  • Luis Fernando Moreno: CEO, REALITY
  • Manuel Laredo Garnica: CEO, MAMUT
  • Marcelo De Rada: Director, MegaBrokers
  • Maria Belen Gutiérrez Giret: CEO, Experta en Comunicación Estratégica
  • Mariano Cabrera L.: Partner, GRUPO HERMISFERIO
  • Mario Sandoval: Manager, ROSABETANIA
  • Martín Justiniano: Gerente General, Mix Nutri Bolivia SRL
  • Mauricio Dulon: CEO, Componente Digital
  • Mauricio Torrelio Aguilera: Partner, Torrelio & Asociados Abogados
  • Mauro Trigo: CTO, CityHeroes
  • Miho Shoji: Founder & CEO , Moodbit
  • Oscar Suarez Torrico: CEO, Electric Enginer Entrepreneur Web
  • Pablo Alberto Moscoso R.: Partner, INDAGO Consulting
  • Pedro Cabrera: Consultor Senior de Marketing y Comunicación., Marketing & Comunicación
  • René Salomón: Director, Fundación Trabajo Empresa (FTE)
  • Roberto Irusta Gabincha: Consultor de Proyectos Teconológico, independiente
  • Rodrigo Knebes: Country Manager, Infocasas Bolivia
  • Rodrigo Salvatierra: CEO, RHINO BOLIVIA
  • Saul Paniagua: CCO, Yaigo
  • Sergio García Agreda: PhD., Universidad Privada Boliviana
  • Shuey Pessoa: CEO, DAEGU MOTORS
  • Steve Nacif: Director Ejecutivo, Manjar de Oro, Remax Emporio
  • Tito Andres Ramos Porcel: Partner, TORCH
  • Viviana Angulo: Latin America Director, Self
  • Walter Javier Mendez Hurtado: CEO, Revista Emprendedores Bolivia

  • And many more to be announced.

Since 2009, the Founder Institute has helped over  4,500 Alumni raise over $950M funding, get into seed-accelerators, generate traction, recruit a team, build a product, transition from employee to entrepreneur, and more (see the FI 10 Year Impact Report here).

Join us in Bolivia to help build the future. 

Apply to the Bolivia Virtual 2021 Founder Institute today, or learn more at FI.co/overview.  


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