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Now, more than ever, the world needs entrepreneurs to build the future.

At the Founder Institute, we know times are tough, but we also know that economic downturns are a great time to start a business. This isn't just conjecture - the Founder Institute was started in April of 2009 (during the "Great Recession"), and world-leading companies like Microsoft, Tesla, and Apple also took advantage of cost savings during a recession to launch and get their initial traction.

That's why we are excited to announce today that applications are now open for the Western Canada Virtual 2020 program.

If you could use a structured process and a lifetime of support from Western Canada's top investors and entrepreneurs to build something meaningful, then apply to the Western Canada Virtual 2020 Founder Institute today.

Local COVID-19 Update: In an effort to #StopTheSpread and ensure everyone’s health and safety, this program is planned to start in an online format. Learn more on our Virtual Program FAQ page.

We will be hosting several free startup online events in Western Canada over the coming weeks, where you can learn from top entrepreneurs from the comfort of your home:

Based in Silicon Valley and with chapters across 185+ cities worldwide, the Founder Institute provides high-potential entrepreneurs and teams with the devoted support network and structured growth process needed to get to traction and funding. Participants in the 4-month core program also get access to a lifetime of support through the Founder Institute's industry-leading post-programs.

The Western Canada Virtual 2020 program is led by some of the region's top startup leaders, including Kailin Che (Counsel, Early Sullivan Wright Gizer & McRae), Todd Embley (Partner, BoostXLabs), Wade Larson (Founder and Executive Vice President , UrtheCast Corp.).

In addition, some of Western Canada's top investors, entrepreneurs, and CEOs will be participating in the program, providing them with expert feedback and evaluation. The list of startup mentors for the Western Canada Founder Institute includes:

  • Adam Devenny: Senior Manager, KPMG
  • Adeo Ressi: Founder/CEO, Founder institute
  • Alan Campbell: Partnerships, Harvest Venture Builders
  • Alex Hobbs: CEO, Oxford Lock
  • Alex Gault: President, Small World Ventures
  • Ali Kashani: Head of X, Postmates
  • Ally Bharmal: Partner, Fasken Martineau
  • Aman Mann: CEO, Procurify
  • Amit Varma: Co-Founder & CEO, BRAINTOY AI
  • Andrea Welling: Regional Director BC & Yukon, Futurpreneur Canada
  • Andrew McLeod: CSO, CERTN
  • Andy Chu: CEO, Vancouver Virtual Reality Film Festival
  • Angela Baldonero: COO, Procurify
  • Annika Lewis: Associate, Vanedge Capital
  • Arleigh Vasconcellos: CEO, Founder, The Agency
  • Ashley Dunfield: Founder & CEO, SmartGrid Communications
  • Aurelie Guerrieri: CMO, Open Systems
  • Ben Snyman: Founder, CEO , Safety Vantage
  • Bijan Vaez: Founder and CEO, Fractional CTO
  • Bill Tam: VP, BC SuperCluster
  • Blaire Martin: VP of Strategic Partnerships , Florida Funders
  • Bonnie Foley-Wong: Chief Investment Innovator, Pique Ventures
  • Boris Lau: Senior Software Engineer, Mobify
  • Boris Mann: Co-Founder, FISSION
  • Bosky Mukherjee: Founder, Spark to Substance
  • Brittany Whitmore: Founder/CEO, Exvera Communications Inc.
  • Canon Bryan: CFO, Terrestrial Energy
  • Carey Houston: Founder, CEO , 321Growth Academy
  • Casey Lau: Head of Asia, RISE (Web Summit)
  • Chad Ford: CEO, Founder, Sunexo Inc.
  • Chris Goward: Founder & CEO, WiderFunnel
  • Chris Wilson: CEO, Function Point
  • Chris Hobbs: President, TTT Studios
  • Chris Marra: Partner, KPMG
  • Christian Gauthier: Partner , Bennet Jones
  • Colin Brown: Principal, Gallowglass Consulting
  • Colin Weston: Founding Partner, Reviver Sport+Entertainment
  • Danny Robinson: VP Product Development, iQmetrix
  • Danny Halarewich: CEO, LemonStand
  • David Gardner: Head of Content Marketing, Harvest Builders
  • Don Osborne: CEO, Urthecast
  • Dr. Alexandra T. Greenhill: CEO, Careteam Technologies Inc.
  • Ed Levinson: Director, Ensibuuko
  • Eric Anderson: CEO and Co-Founder, Junto
  • Erin Campbell: CEO, ECMB Capital Partners
  • Evan Hu: Founding Partner and G7 Associate, Creative Destruction Lab
  • Galya Westler: Founder, Plazus Technologist Inc.
  • Geoff Fawkes: CEO & Co-Founder, Vancosys Data Security Inc.
  • George Kondopulos: Partner, KPMG
  • George Tai: Partner, Dentons
  • Gerry Li: Associate, Bennett Jones LLP
  • Grandy Chu: Founder and Designer , Atelier Grandi
  • Grant Lawrence: President, Valhalla Private Capital
  • Ha Nguyen: VP, McRock Capital
  • Hartland Ross: Founder, eBridge Marketing Solutions
  • Heiko Peters: CEO, TekEitri
  • Henry Soo: Founder & CEO, Settlely
  • Hugh Evans: CEO, Cultural Dynamics Inc.
  • Ian Gilbert: Chief Revenue Officer, Guidespark
  • Jack Gin: Corporate Director - Entrepreneur - Former CEO, Semios, Saltworks, Extreme CCTV
  • James Reyes: Vice President Global Sales & Marketing, Aquatic Informatics
  • James Thangaraj: .GM, Pivot ED - BVC Venture
  • Jayesh Parmar: CEO, Picatic
  • Jayson Wyner: Co-Founder, Nutrabolics
  • Jean Guy Faubert: CRO, SEDNA
  • Joel Semeniuk: Vice President of Growth and Innovation, Communitech
  • John Chan: CEO, 2x Growth Agency / 2x Ventures
  • Joseph King: Founder, Duck Labs
  • Kal Malhi: Founder and CEO, BullRun Capital Inc
  • Ken Charko: President , Dunbar Theatre/ Charko Investments
  • Kevin Sandhu: CEO & Founder, Grow
  • Kevin Conabree: CEO, Koomi POS
  • Kevin Brent: Chief Investment Officer, Bluesky Equities
  • Kevin Dahl: Advisor, Platform Calgary
  • Kim Orlesky: President, KO Advantage Group
  • Kookai Chaimahawong: VC Associate, Pangaea Ventures
  • Kristina Milke: Co-Founder, Valhalla Private Capital
  • Kwang Lim: Partner, Bennett Jones LLP
  • Kyle Campbell: Founder, Hack Capital
  • Lisa Payne: CFO, Mine Sense
  • Lucas Tomei: Partner, Dentons
  • Luke Aulin: CEO, RTown
  • Luke Krueger: Co-Founder & President, Valhalla Private Capital/ Valhalla Angels
  • Lynda Brown Ganzert: CEO, Curatio
  • Mara Rada: CEO & Co-Founder, Sideffekt
  • Maria Osipova: VP Marketing, Traction Guest
  • Marius Adomnica: Associate, Segev LLP
  • Mark Williams: Entrepreneurial leader, Co-Founder, Elastic Path
  • Mary Ryan: COO, PKI Capital [Private Family Office]
  • Meredith J. Powell: Venture Partner, Voyager Capital
  • Michael Bosdet: President, TSGI
  • Michelle Martin: President, Sea to Sky Startup Society
  • Miguel Kudry: Founder, CEO, HelpHub
  • Mike Winterfield: CEO, Founder, Active Impact Investments
  • Mike Mendoza: Founder, LEXI
  • Mike De Boer: CEO, Founder, Levelling Up
  • Miranda Lievers: COO, Thinkific
  • Neeraj Gupta: Chief Strategy Officer, Attabotics Inc.
  • Neil Patel: CEO / Founder, Kabuni
  • Nick Oostveen: President, Gravit-e Technologies
  • Nicole Gallop: VP, Cultivate Advisors
  • Nicole Donnelly
  • Paul Austin: Partner, Fort Capital Partners
  • Pete Berdusco: President, Guyana Goldstrike
  • Pete Duggan: Executive Vice President Operations, UrtheCast Corp.
  • Peter Reek: Founder, Savvy + Associate
  • Peter Paul Van Hoeken: Founder & CEO, FrontFundr
  • Praveen Varshney: Director, Varshney Capital Corp.
  • Ray Torresan: CEO, /Archive Digital
  • Richard Roseboom: Co-Founder & CEO, MicroMech Inc
  • Rick Pasin: Co-Founder, & Sincron HR Software (
  • Rob Stone: Owner, Mr. Taxes
  • Rob Attwell: Founder, COO/CFO, Careteam Technologies Inc.
  • Robert Delmar: Business Advisor, Bull Run Capital
  • Robert Foxall: Director of Business Development, Timia Capital
  • Roberto Erario: Business and Leadership, Coach
  • Roger Hull: Business Development, Carbon Upcycling
  • Rohit Joshi: CEO, Founder, BrightSquid
  • Roman Karachinsky: CEO & Co-founder, News360
  • Ryan Smith: CEO, FTSY
  • Sam Sullivan: MLA of British Columbia and Former Mayor, Vancouver
  • Scott Larson: CEO, Kater, HeliosWire
  • Sean Eikerman: Busniess Advisor, Cultivate Advisors
  • Shahab Samimi: Senior Associate, 7 Gate Ventures
  • Shahrooz Nabavi: Partner
  • Sid Sharma: CEO, REHUMAN
  • Simon Hardy: Consultant, Brand and User-Centred Design
  • Stacey Wallin: Head of Growth, BC Tech
  • Stephanie Wetterwald: Marketing Manager, Entreflow Consulting Group
  • Steve Oldham: CEO, Carbon Engineering Ltd.
  • Susan Koch: CFO, Carbon Engineering Ltd.
  • Terry Sydoryk: CEO, Chaordix
  • Thealzel Lee: Founder, President & Director, e-Fund
  • Todd Embley: Partner, BoostXLabs
  • Tom Petryshen: Advisor, Adacado
  • Torrey Smith: Co-Founder & CEO, Endiatx
  • Trent Johnsen: ., Pivot ED - BVC Venture
  • Tyler Douglas: Former Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, Vision Critical
  • Valerie Song: CEO, AVA
  • Van Doren Chan: President, Ugly Dumplings
  • Viviana Matheus: Director of Digital Strategy and Brand, Comm100
  • Wade Larson: Founder, Urthecast
  • Yasmine Roulleau: CEO, Striven Consulting
  • Yvonne Gruenthaler: Trade Commissioner, Global Affairs Canada

  • And many more to be announced.

Since 2009, the Founder Institute has helped over  4,300 Alumni raise over $950M funding, get into seed-accelerators, generate traction, recruit a team, build a product, transition from employee to entrepreneur, and more (see the FI 10 Year Impact Report here).

Join us in Western Canada and help build the future. 

Apply to the Western Canada Virtual 2020 Founder Institute today, or learn more at  


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