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Delegating responsibilities can free up time for founders to focus on core problems.  However, as Jared explains in the video below, “you must first figure out what you are good at, what are the best uses of your time, and what you can manage,”  in order to determine what can be delegated effectively.

Jared Goralnick is the Founder & CEO of AwayFind - a web application that helps people to escape from email by notifying them of urgent messages.  Jared also organizes Bootstrap Maryland, Ignite DC, Inbox Love, and is an advisor to many startups.  

In this talk from last year's Washington DC Founder Institute, Jared shares his experiences and lessons learned from delegating to grow his bootstrapped companies.  He outlines considerations for when and what to delegate, how and where to find the right people, creative ways to motivate through compensation, the importance of creating a sense of ownership, and knowing your strengths and best uses of time when delegating.

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