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When you run a business, all eyes are watching.  Entrepreneurs must embody why they are a good bet for investors, customers, partners, and employees.  At times, a founder's presence is all he or she has to build followership. 

So how do you train yourself to communicate in a way that inspires commitment -- especially when it matters most?  Kristi Hedges, Founder speaker and CEO coach, shows how anyone can build a leadership presence, but most go about it the wrong way. Instead of focusing on pure stylistics, entrepreneurs should build presence from the inside out -- part mental game, part interpersonal connection, and part communication aptitude.  Best of all, there's no need to be perfect or preternaturally smooth.  Authenticity wins every time. 

Kristi Hedges is the author of the just released book Power of Presence: Unlock your Potential to Influence and Engage Others.  She runs a leadership coaching practice, speaks widely, is a partner in Element North Leadership Development, and writes about leadership for

In this talk from last year's Washington DC Founder Institute, Kristi discusses how entrepreneurs can systematically develop (and replicate) their "A game" by being intentional, building trust, and inspiring through communications.  If you have a big meeting or presentation coming up, watch this first.

If you like the video below, check out Kristi's book or find her blog, FB page, or follow her on twitter @kristihedges.


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