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Many startups run out money before they can figure out how to effectively execute their ideas.  As Will Bunker explains in the video below, you must really “understand your revenue, cost, and profit structure” to figure out the right plan to build a sustainable business.

Will Bunker is the Co-Founder of the online dating service that became Will is also leading the upcoming Silicon Valley Founder Institute, which has a Final Application Deadline this Sunday, December 4th. Click here to apply.

In this talk, Will discusses how he planned and managed his revenue, profit, and cost structure to grow his online dating service with only a small initial angel investment of $90,000, to the largest personals site.  He stresses accelerating customer payout to improve cashflow, cost effectively figuring out operating unknowns to reduce business risk, and the importance of identifying and thinking radically to reduce high cost multipliers. 

If you like the video below, follow him on twitter @wbunker.

SVFI Revenues, Costs and Profits - Will Bunker

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