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When done correctly, marketing and PR are powerful tools that increase visibility and drive customer acquisition, business development, and recruiting. The keys, as Peter Pham explains in the video below, are building relationships, being a resource, and authenticity.    

Peter Pham is a Partner at Science Inc -  a “technology studio” that creates, scales, and acquires successful digital businesses.  Peter is an advisor to many startups, and was the Co-Founder and President of Color, the CEO of BillShrink.com, an EIR at Trinity Ventures, as well as the VP of Business Development at Photobucket.com, where he drove growth to 61M users.  

In this talk from last year’s Silicon Valley Founder Institute, Peter shares how he used marketing in his companies to drive user acquisition, business development, and recruiting.  He discusses launch strategies, the importance of building early relationships with and becoming a resource for reporters, how to maintain momentum, and gives advice on leveraging high profile partners for marketing exposure. 

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Mar 10 - Peter Pham

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