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[Updated Nov 2022]

For those of you who are suddenly out of work - and those of you who fear you might be next - now is the opportunity to follow your passion project.  Startups have always been created by those daring to leave the status quo and embark on a new journey.  This time is no different.  

If you've been thinking of an idea that could be the new NEW thing, it's time to create your own path.

For many aspiring entrepreneurs, the lack of a roadmap on how to start a project that could turn into a company makes it a difficult path to take. Most don't even know where to start, while others don't know if this career path is correct for them.

This infographic that we've designed walks you through the entire process of going from employee to entrepreneur. Use it as a guideline to vet your business ideas and find out if entrepreneurship is the right path for you.


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