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As part of the Founder Institute’s series of free online startup events for entrepreneurs practicing social distancing, we were pleased to welcome investors and startup experts from the Bay Area's ICA Fund on Wednesday, April 7th for a live, interactive online event on impact investing.

Finding investment can be really challenging, and finding investors aligned with your mission can make fundraising even more difficult. Watch founders ask investors and experts from ICA questions to better understand the nuances of impact investment from the investor's perspective and learn how ICA Fund is meeting the moment by investing in a future and economy built for everyone. See the video below from this enlightening conversation on assessing and investing in impact companies. 

Featured Speakers from ICA:

  • Willis Wilson: Portfolio Manager and Impact Investor at ICA Fund
  • Dianna TremblayChief Program Officer: Responsible for the operational, scaling success, and mission alignment of ICA’s programmatic offerings
  • John Gough: Chief Investment Officer: Responsible for ICA Fund's seed capital strategy, investment and loan portfolio, and oversees the development of ICA Growth Fund

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