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We are pleased to join MassRobotics for a half-day event on the topic of How to Start Your Own Robotics Company. Click here to RSVP, and join us on Wednesday, June 30th (1pm EDT) for this live webinar event.

Are you a student? A hobbyist? Perhaps an Engineer who never took business courses? This fast track half-day will familiarize you with what it takes to start a robotics company. Topics discussed will be the basics of what you need to know and act as a guide to help you navigate starting your own robotics business. If you have an idea - now is the time to give it a serious thought! You can explore the event program agenda below:

1:00 - Introduction
          Why are we here? What starting robotics company entails
1:10 - First Steps
          What type of company do you want to create? This talk will give you an idea of various types of companies and their paperwork, requirements and liabilities. (Consultancy, LLC, Partnership, Corp, Taxes)
1:30 - Market Research & Customer Discovery
          Is your idea worth the risk? Will people want what you are selling? This talk will run through the fundamentals of getting traction. Customer discovery, competition, overall need
1:45 - IP, Patents & Trademarks 
          This session will discuss trends for patents in robotics. Is your idea patentable - is it worth it?
2:00 - Marketing & Branding 
          Your customers need to be aware that you exist. With so much of the world turning more digital and remote, learn ways to stand out and the essentials. (website, social media, traditional media, press releases)
2:15 - Accelerators & Incubators 
          The value of mentors & community that act as fertilizer for your goals
2:45 - Break
          Charge your batteries!
3:00 - Funding Panel
          Getting a business going requires funding. This panel discussion will inform you of types of funding (Angel, VC, Grants, Contracts) and expectations of investors, and hear from successfully funded startups. Talk will share their struggles and successes.
4:00 - Networking
          This talk will highlight the importance of networking in the industry. Knowing the right people can accelerate your ideas and amplify your overall presence, Know the shows.
4:15 - Scaling with Manufacturing
          Once you get traction and that initial “big deal”, your company needs to start delivering. Things can move quickly and you need to scale your business to meet demand. This talk aims to help prepare you for questions of scalability specifically in manufacturing.
4:45 - Wrap Up
          Closing remarks and lingering Q&A 

This event is being hosted by MassRobotics, and will feature Ignacio Castro, Founder of Get Hackers and Director of the Boston Founder Institute.

If you haven’t already, click here to register and join us June 30th for a half-day event focused on all things robotics!

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