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As hiring managers, we often spend a lot of time figuring out how to draw the right candidates to apply to a job. We talk about skills, experience, aptitude, attitude and culture fit. We write ads about the role but there’s a key component we need to consider beyond the position we’re trying to fill: 

What makes our company appealing to the candidate? 

Many times a great candidate comes along and we’re not the only ones who’ve managed to find them! This is when selling your company to the candidate becomes key.


Below are some suggestions on how you, the hiring manager, can sell your company to the right candidate: 

Be aware of your company’s online presence. Chances are the candidates you’re most interested in have looked you up online. Know what’s being said about your business, both positive and negative. It will say a lot about your company if you can address any concerns immediately and with candor rather than being caught off guard during an interview.

Know your competition. Who else does what you do? How you address the differences between you and your competition can make all the difference to a candidate. Chances are pretty good that they’re talking with other companies in the same sphere – make sure you can tell them what makes your company stand out. 

What long term opportunities can you offer the candidate? Are there opportunities to move up? Do you offer unique chances for the candidate to become better at what they do or even to branch out into a different role? Candidates appreciate knowing that a company will invest in their growth. 

Perks. Everyone loves them and companies strive to outdo one another with perks like hammocks, video games, dog-friendly offices, and stocked kitchens, to name a few. But consider the bigger perks you can offer too – do you support occasional or even weekly telecommuting? Generous vacation/personal days? Tuition reimbursement? Is great parking close to the office? Staggered hours to avoid rush hour? Equity options? Perks probably won’t be the sole reason a candidate chooses your company, but showing a candidate that your company appreciates their efforts and cares about work-life balance can definitely nudge a candidate in your direction.

Make the candidate want to join your team. Let them know you appreciate their time to interview with you by going the extra mile to make them comfortable. Consider having them interview and then take a lunch with the team they’ll work with. Make a point to let your team know who’s arriving for an interview so the candidate can be greeted warmly and by name. Take a few extra minutes to show them around the office. First impressions are important on both sides of the interview process!

As much as you want to find the right candidate for your role, candidates want to find the right company to grow their career. Selling your company is an important part of the hiring process and when you take the extra time to show candidates why your company is great, you’ll be that much more successful in finding that right candidate for your opening.


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This post was written by Jessica Stielau and Matt Abbott, and was originally published on

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