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As part of the Founder Institute’s new series of free online startup events for entrepreneurs practicing social distancing, we ware pleased to welcome Liza Rodewald on Tuesday, June 30th (11am PDT) for a live, interactive webinar on how to manage a remote team.

Webinar description: Remote work is no longer the future, it is here. On this live online event, you can learn the best practices for managing a remote team from Liza Rodewald, the CEO of Instant Teams, a fast-growing company that has been remote since day one. Join this interactive event where we will discuss specific tactics for managing remote employees, strengthening your remote culture, developing policies for a new remote world, and more.  

About Liza Rodewald

Liza Rodewald is the Founder and CEO of Instant Teams, a technology platform that enables companies to create and manage remote customer success teams powered by a global workforce of military spouses. Instant Teams is an Alumni of the Washington DC and Silicon Valley Founder Institute programs, and CEO Liza Rodewald is a 4x entrepreneur and software engineer with over 16 years of technical experience. She has built multi-million dollar enterprise software for government and healthcare industries. Her passion for entrepreneurship came from her desire to have a more flexible lifestyle and led her to advocate and shape the future of work for companies and workers.

Webinar Replay

Click here to access free remote work handbooks.


How to make remote work a success

What "asynchronous communication" means and how to effectively communicate online

Getting honest employee feedback: use Humaxa

Measuring remote work productivity

Set boundaries to avoid employee burnout

Management tactic to have energetic, virtual meetings

Handling meeting distractions

When to call and when to send a message

Video timestamps:

3:26 - Intro to Liza Rodewald + Instant Teams

4:00 - start of presentation

4:39 - pre-covid remote work challenges

5:23 - changes

6:00 - childcare policy change

6:33 - mental health

6:48 - how to do make remote work a success?

7:33 - Communication apps Instant Teams uses: Slack, Zoom and Arti

8:15 - communication guidelines

8:33 - definition of "asynchronous communication"

9:17 - mindful communication

10:20 - Don't overshare

10:55 - How to respond

11:04 - Encouraging updates without asking for them

11:54 - How to run a virtual team meetings

14:34 - Building remote culture

15:38 - Slack channels setup

15:55 - Humaxa: getting anonymous feedback

17:46 - Donut: 1 on 1 meetings

18:29 - personalized outreach and check-ins

19:34 - virtual team building

20:40 - core hours + flexibility, setting expectations

22:34 - setting boundaries

23:41 - productivity: Big Brother hurts culture

25:00 - Free handouts

26:21 - Notes

26:45 - Poll questions Q+A Section

27:28 - Communication, how come off with the right tone

29:41 - how often do you follow up with questions?

31:05 - voice messaging / calls?

33:07 - What asynchronous communication means (pt 2)

34:41 - Tracking who works when with different timezones

36:09 - Maintaining focus

38:16 - Why set an agenda for conversations?

39:30 - Monitoring people and onboarding

41:20 - How did you test / come up with management procedures?

43:30 - How do you get social events to become part of the culture?

44:45 - Virtual watercooler

46:35 - how to avoid being big brother-y

49:08 - reporting status: face to face vs text messaging

50:41 - Micromanaging

53:17 - policies for kids?

56:07 personal/professional boundaries

58:47 Useful links

*  *  *

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