Initial Coin Offerings are changing the way startups are funded, and countless entrepreneurs are already utilizing blockchain technology to raise money. In response to this new trend, the Founder Institute, world’s premier startup launch program for talented entrepreneurs, recently held a webinar with Michael Hiles (Founder & CEO of 10XTS, General Partner at the Cincinnati Crypto Fund, and Director at Cincinnati Founder Institute), in which he outlined how entrepreneurs can leverage a regulation-friendly approach to ICOs.

In the clip below, Michael lays out the roadmap for his own company, detailing how he managed to stay regulation-compliant in the U.S. Keep in mind, this is not legal advice, just a pathway to avoid potential issues for those who are interested in launching an ICO.

Michael Hiles is a business executive with multiple startup and early stage company experience. He is a technology solutions architect with marketing, business operations, and financial experience.

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