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Every product needs significant brand awareness for it to catch on with the general masses, even the strongest products. And while it may be easy to assume that a great offering will sell itself, this is rarely, if ever, true. But how do you entice complete strangers to fall in love with your product? This guest post from Jeremy Raynolds, a member of the Founder Institute network, outlines how to position your company as one that will attract and keep its customers.

Your company may offer a product of the best quality, but nobody will buy it until you make the consumers aware of the product you sell. Different marketing strategies and other options have to be implemented in order to make your product visible. In addition, do not make the quality of your product lower because it may turn away the consumers even if the product is a trendy one. Moreover, consider building a brand image that can make consumers loyal. The formula for success is simple:

 “Appreciate Your Customers and They Will Appreciate Your Product”

Here are some marketing tips and ways to promote your product that can answer a question “How to increase brand awareness?”

Read them and implement or simply broaden your knowledge:

1. Website

Nowadays almost everybody has an access to the Internet. Therefore, it is recommended to develop a website where you can tell more about your product, its price, what makes it unique and why it is worth spending money on. In addition, a great idea is to hire a website developer that can help you to create an amazing website and, moreover, optimize it to make it appear high in Web search results. You may also contact the owners of the similar websites (with a similar production but not competitors) and ask them to place some ads to promote your company.

2. Social media

Facebook and Twitter are among the most popular social networks that have forums where people discuss not only the purchases they made but also the items they want to buy. People become aware of your product when they read some comments on this product. However, an awareness should be positive because there are a lot of items that people order and receive in a very bad condition therefore this product has a bad reputation on the social networks’ forums.

Instagram is widely used for placing advertisements. You can try to contact a famous singer, actor or blogger and ask him/her to post a photo with your product and write a comment about it below. Usually you have to pay a lot for these promotions, however, they are worth spending money on.

3. Traditional methods

Although electronic communication grows fast, print media (magazines and newspapers) can work as well. Create advertisements that can quickly grab the consumers’ attention and explain what the characteristics of the product are. Some newspapers want to encourage local businesses and therefore they can print a discounted or free ad for you.

4. Charity

People like buying products that have a good reputation. Contribute to some charitable events (where your logo or name can be displayed) and local charities. Do not think that the money you spend on them will not help your company. It will!

5. Stores

Place your product in stores with a high number of potential customers. Additionally, consider placing your product at eye level and making an attractive packaging to make your product appealing even for those, who do not plan to buy it.

6. Freebies

Who does not love free stuff? Put the name of your brand in different items such as pens, pencils or small bags and give them at festivals or simply on the streets. However, do not save money on these freebies because the pen that is going to run out of ink quickly can only damage your reputation.

7. Uniqueness

Do not be afraid to make your product having a fun brand identity. A little dose of comedy can make your product a unique and a memorable one. Take a look at the advertisements’ examples of Dollar Shave Club and Old Spice to have a notion of a humorous brand promotions.

8. Remarketing

Remarketing is great and you will be amazed by how much it works! People, who visited your site but did not buy anything, will see the ads of your product across the sites they visit. They will think that you have big budgets (because you spend so much money on advertisement) and that your brand is a large one. Thus, seeing the product offered everywhere, consumers may want to purchase it.

9. Giveaways

Organize some competitive giveaways to increase brand recognition along with awareness and to attract attention.

All in all, billions of brands want the public’s awareness and attention and you are among them. If you are a small and new brand it may be hard to compete against the large corporations. However, everything is possible and in future you may become a popular brand if you will use PR, advertising, social media and other tricks that can increase brand awareness for your product. In addition, you may read an article about top 10 social media marketing tools for business promotion that can help you in creating a business strategy as well. We hope that brand awareness strategies above will help you to build a perfect brand image. Good luck!

Jeremy Raynolds is a blogger and freelance writer for and editor at Live Career. His credo is "Focus on the core problem your business solves and put out lots of content and enthusiasm, and ideas about how to solve that problem."


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