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Before Snapchat made its way to your list of favorite social media platforms, its purpose was dissected, measured, and analyzed in a 14-slide pitch deck. Now after 16 investors, 7 funding rounds, and 4 acquisitions, the 5-year-old startup is worth $18 billion according to Fortune. Even though Snapchat’s success germinated from an idea, its revenue accelerated due to the creation of an awesome and convincing pitch deck. If you’re ready to raise funding for your business, take notes from the greats.

In this syndicated post, , Director of the New York Founder Institute, lists pitch deck examples from billion dollar startups.

The post, "Early Pitch Decks of Billion Dollar Unicorn Startups", originally appeared on Kevin Siskar’s blog and has been republished below with permission.

That photo app you were just using, the news feed your looking at, the website you just closed to book your vacation, all those companies had pitch decks long before most people ever heard of their name. Now those companies are worth billions of dollars. So what does early success look like? Here are the early pitch decks of some billion dollar startups, "unicorns"; Snapchat, AirBnB, Buzzfeed, Facebook, and Square.

Snapchat - $16 Billlion Valuation

Snapchat business deck

AirBnB - $25.5 Billion Valuation

AirBnB Pitch Deck from PitchDeckCoach

Buzzfeed - $1.5 Billion Valuation

Buzzfeed pitch deck from Alexander Jarvis

Square - $6 Billion Valuation

Square pitch deck from pitchenvy

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