The Institute is designed from the ground up to be something new. We don’t try to make ‘below market’ investments, like Y Combinator or TechStars. We’re not charging hundreds of dollars in fees to show up to one session, like the Entrepreneur Academy of the Keiretsu Forum. Building a company is rewarding and hard. We want to make it easier, while increasing the chances of success. It’s not about the money, the equity, or getting an edge.

It’s a philosophy: founder-centric.

Some potential partners have offered the Institute commission as part of the discount packages we are putting together for the Founders. We have asked these partners to apply any commissions towards a bigger discount. We have instructed our lawyers to eliminate all language from Institute agreements that does not help the Founders today and in the future.

Here are some other ways that the Institute is different:

  • The Institute does not encourage Founders to quit their day job, put their livelihood at risk, or live on reduced incomes by the Founder Institute - unlike other incubators.
  • The Institute focuses Founders on critical company-building assignments that will directly benefit the resulting businesses.
  • The Institute mentors Founders to complete the company-building assignments at a fraction of the traditional cost, and at a high quality level.
  • The Institute works to protect the equity and value created by the Founders first and foremost - versus protecting the interest of the investors or the incubator.
  • The Institute shares upside from participating Founders and Mentors in the program, creating a pool of shared value for everyone involved.
  • The Institute helps Founders secure investment at market rates and under the best possible terms - instead of forcing a valuation or equity purchase at too early a stage.
  • The Institute sets up regular meetings with investors and the public - versus one major demo day at the end of the program.

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