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As part of the Founder Institute’s series of free online startup events for entrepreneurs practicing social distancing, we were pleased to welcome Kieran Flanagan of HubSpot on Wednesday, March 24th for a live, interactive online event on Growth Essentials for B2B Startups.

Watch this masterclass video as Kieran Flanagan, Senior Vice President of Marketing at HubSpot, goes through the essential pillars of B2B growth and attracting new customers, from how to excel in customer discovery, to retention and churn, and what metrics and goals to set to grow your startup successfully. Learn from Flanagan as he reviews various growth playbooks that startups can adopt in order to attract new customers.

Kieran Flanagan has a proven track record in helping businesses, from startups to scale-ups, to grow their traffic, users, and revenue. At HubSpot, Flanagan has played a major role in the growth of international business, product-led business, and in the global customer acquisition group. As an SVP of marketing, he currently leads a group that spans global customer acquisition, HubSpot media, and HubSpot academy and community.

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