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The Founder Institute has graduated over 400 companies in over 20 cities worldwide. Below is a roundup of Founder Institute Graduate news over the past week: 

  • InTheDoor Featured on Yahoo Finance (Yahoo Finance):  InTheDoor, a job discovery tool that leverages your social network through Facebook, was featured on Yahoo Finance in an article where the company was named a "must-use platform for job seekers."  Read the article here.  The company, and its Founder & CEO Liz Carlson, are Graduates of the Silicon Valley Founder Institute. 
  • ZebraMinds Releases New Interactive Book App for iPad (iTunes): ZebraMinds just  released the interactive iPad book application "Henry! You're Late AGAIN!"  The company transforms children's books into interactive mobile applications.   Download the newest release here.  ZebraMinds, and its Founder & CEO Oza Klanjsek, are graduates of the Denver Founder Institute. 
  • The Tale of the New Year's Fail (Nexercise)Nexercise, a fitness mobile interactive game that rewards users with virtual medals, discounts, and merchandise, released an informative infographic that highlights the struggles of holiday weight gain. Check it out here.  The company, and its CEO & Founder Benjamin Young, are Graduates of the Washington DC Founder Institute.
  • Learning Yard Releases Math Critters (iTunes): Math Critters, an educational mobile game designed to improve mental math skills in kids ages 6-9 (and parents who are a bit rusty, too), is now available on the Apple App Store.  You can find it for iPad here, and for IPhone/iPod Touch here.  Math Critters is the second title released by Learning Yard, a studio that makes educational games for kids on mobile devices.  The company, and its Founders Michael Dorazio, Boyin Xu, and Joanne Chen, are Graduates of the San Francisco Founder Institute. 
  • Twusic and Ondango Selected to Present at Midemlab in Cannes (Midemlab):  Twusic and Ondango were selected as finalist to present at Midemlab -  an international pitching competition for ground-breaking startups.  In the past, Midemlab has served as a launchpad for SoundCloud, The Echo Nest, Songkick, and Root Music.  

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