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Below is a roundup of Founder Institute Graduate news over the past week: 

  • 6 Questions to Ask Before you Outsource (Cinecandy): In a story originally posted to the Cinecandy Blog, Fernando Pizarro, founder of Cinecandy, shares his lessons learned from outsourcing the development of his MVP. Cinecandy is a website and suite of mobile applications that enable socially collaborative video, using the capture power of smartphones and webcams connected through social networks.  
  • ShareSquare featured on Wired Video ( ShareSquare was featured in a Video named "QR Codes Connects Bands With Fans". ShareSquare is the leading platform for connecting offline audiences to the brands they love via QR codes and custom mobile web apps. 
  • Paycento Competing at Innotribe (Innotribe): The 2011 Innotribe $100K Start-up Challenge introduces the most promising FinTech and Financial Services start-ups. Paycento is an online micropayment platform from 10 cent onward that supports digital content providers like online newspapers to monetize their content better through pay-as-you-go capabilities using social network identities like Twitter. Vote for them here
  • FI Grads Vying for SXSW Panels (SXSW): SXSW is coming up this March, and many FI Grads have submitted panels for consideration. You can help by supplying your vote. Rebecca Woodcock of Cake Health has proposed two very interesting panels for SXSW 2011. Vote for them here: "The Future of Interactive Health", and "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Backwards in Heels." In Addition, George Mathew of CareProsper has submitted "Your Health Information Can Pay for your Health."
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