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As part of the Founder Institute’s series of free online startup events for entrepreneurs practicing social distancing, we were pleased to present the following list of new FI portfolio alumni, who each pitched in the October 2020 Global Founder Showcase.

Rebecca Enonchong, Founder and CEO AppsTech, former Board Member of Salesforce, and a 'Global Leader for Tomorrow' (GLT) according to the World Economic Forum joined us, and provided this keynote for the event: 

Angels, venture capitalists, media, mentors, and attendees from the general public interested in startups and global innovation also attended, and connected during a live networking portion of the event. Without further ado, we proudly present the following pitch videos, from each of the Founder Institute portfolio companies selected to present in the October 2020 Global Showcase: 

Impact Companies

  • Reya Health, based in Vancouver, BC is an online platform that helps women find the best birth control option for them.

  • Bursity Inc., based in Halifax, NS, is a SaaS platform helping scholarship providers streamline their awards campaigns.

  • Karibu offers an innovative online and mobile platform to assist migrant workers access services and integrate into their new societies more easily and quickly. 

  • Goodszilla, based in Toronto, is a secure marketplace app, that helps individuals designate a portion of selling price to support causes they care about

  • Resurge Industries Inc, based in Atlanta, GA, owns and operates the online store/marketplace that helps homeowners make their homes more energy efficient and green.

  • MMAARS Academy is training commercial analog astronauts to service the new space era.

B2B Companies

  • Ellerca Health, based in Toronto, is an in your pocket diabetes clinic that helps employers create healthy outcomes for their employees by helping them better manage their diabetes.

  • POMMe-Health, based in Ottawa, is a SaaS web-based communication platform, helping healthcare organizations make better informed decisions by tracking functional outcomes.

  • DotX, based in Jakarta, is a payroll solution so workers without a bank account can receive salaries to make banking transactions using our mobile app.

  • AwakeTeams, based in the SF Bay Area, is a learning platform that helps human resource leaders train, track, and improve key behavioral drivers to increase engagement and optimize company performance.

  • Chiefly, based in Delaware, is a SaaS platform that helps tech companies improve and quantify leadership effectiveness. 

  • WristCoin, based in Toronto, is a contactless cashless solution that helps venues and events accept payments without spreading COVID with no transaction fees or Internet required for live payments.

  • Paqt, based in Toronto, is a SaaS Platform that helps frequent dealmakers enter into agreements faster, without compromising legal security. 

  • OLL mobi, based in Casablanca, is a SaaS platform that helps Retail Marketers to drive rapid traffic and conversion.

Edtech + Fintech Companies

  • Jiedou EdTech, Inc, based in Shanghai, is an online video-Penpal learning platform that helps parents to engage their kids learning Mandarin by connecting them to peers in China.

  • Nvestiv, based in Toronto, is a private wealth marketplace that helps fund managers in the alternative investments industry raise capital in a cost-effective and time-effective manner. 

  • Finliti, based in Toronto, is a Saas platform that helps DIY investors, invest successfully and quickly on their own. 

  • Samavira, based in Delaware, is an international Meditation & Mindfulness brand that franchises in-person group meditation trainings.

  • Kidsprojects, a Toronto based company, is developing an app to support the development of soft skills for K-12 students.

  • CurveBlock, a U.K. / U.S.A based company, is Financial, Social, Environmental & Sustainable Impact

  • Egal, with headquarters in Boulder, CO and Mexico City, transforms the lives of unbanked women and their families by enabling a mobile financial safety net.

B2C Companies

  • MyShoperon, based in Toronto, is a SaaS company that helps homeowner associations streamline their package receiving process. 

  • ALL IN, based in London, is an application that helps get people together easily  helping people gauge interest for an activity, schedule and manage attendance and settle costs all in one handy app.

  • Presslocal, based in London, is a B2C subscription website and app that helps news consumers get local news with proximity and veracity, globally

  • GoodDesk is a Marketplace that matches remote workers with likeminded people and book nearby workplaces located inside SME Offices. 

  • BE LUX is an Advanced Lifestyle Management Platform that tastefully enhances our users' daily lives by utilize technology, like a personal On-Demand Butler or Concierge service in your pocket.

  • Xenia, based in SF Bay Area, offers a P2P event venue platform aboard idle yachts that helps people find unique waterfront venues while helping yacht owners and marinas financially.

The Founder Institute (FI) is the world’s largest pre-seed startup accelerator, with 4,500 Alumni across 75+ countries. This online event featured presentations from select entrepreneurs that completed the most recent Silicon Valley, Toronto, London, and Singapore programs. 

To join the Founder Institute live for future free, interactive online startup events like this Founder Showcase, visit our Events page

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Graduates of the Founder Institute are creating some of the world's fastest growing startups, having raised over $950M in funding, and building products people love across over 200 cities worldwide.

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