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The Founder Showcase is Silicon Valley’s leading international startup pitch event, helping seed-stage startups learn, launch, and connect to investors. On Thursdaty, April 18, 2024, the Founder Institute will host the next global Founder Showcase, with keynote Emilia Chagas - Head of Business Strategy at Growth Software.

Emilia has led pioneering efforts in content marketing platforms as co-founder of Growth Boulevard and CEO of Contentools. She orchestrated the successful merger of Contentools into GrowthHackers Workflow, now essential for thousands of global marketing teams. Emilia's entrepreneurial journey has empowered over 500,000 professionals and 3,000 teams, including industry giants like IBM and Spotify. A sought-after speaker, she shares insights on building successful platforms and navigating digital marketing landscapes, inspiring innovation worldwide.

This event will be attended by hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors, media, and executives. Anyone interested is welcome to RSVP to the event for free.

As an international pre-seed startup pitch event, the Founder Showcase gives attendees an opportunity to see pitches from up-and-coming startups before anyone else. As a result, luminary companies like UdemyRelay RidesThumbtackRealty MogulKaggle, and many more gave some of their first public pitches on the Founder Showcase stage, and previous presenters have gone on to raise over $1.75 billion in funding. 

We proudly present the six startups selected to pitch live on the April 2024 global Founder Showcase:


Co-Founder and CEO Carlos Ortiz

Camionix® is a full-service SaaS technology platform for cross-border logistics.

Founder and CEO Demian Borba

Pactto is a mobile-first platform for creative professionals that makes ultra-precise, pixel-perfect communication possible and easy.

CEO and Founder Roberto Vargas Buendia

Betriax stops companies losses from money exchange by providing a 100% banked, efficient and transparent market.

Co-founder Leandro Chiaria

Wombo platform lets you bet on your opportunities by showcasing your skills in 1v1 challenges and tournaments for real money.

Founder Oscar Alejo

Flappy is a virtual assistant for logistics management that enables carriers to digitize their operations, reduce administrative burdens, and optimize 10x their workflows.

Co-founder and CEO Leonardo Gaitan

Autoparti is helping SMBs in the automotive industry to go digital and grow with technology.

Join these six up-and-coming startups, and our keynote Emilia Chagas at the April 18 Founder Showcase!


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This event also includes several online networking sessions via Airmeet, to connect with other entrepreneurs and attendees from across the globe.

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